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Yes, but to be sure your using the right versions try these links:
Install this:

Then this:

The Napoleonic Wars expansion is fully Russian translated.

For Native warband, keep using your current warband install because due to licensing issues, we are not allowed to give you Russian warband download links.


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HI everybody...I am new here and I have some questions:

1.If I buy Napoleonic Wars and Warband(from I will recieve two different serials???
2.If I buy a new hard disk for example,I would be allowed to apply the serial/s again???
3.How much will I have to wait to recieve my e-mail after the purchase is completed??

Thank you very much,
You will receive both serials yes.

You can download the games here once you have the serials:

You can install it on as many computers as you like, but you can only play the game on one computer at the same time.

E-mails usually within 5 minutes.



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I have another questions:

I heard a lot of people playing the game on steam(with a serial brought from elsewhere).What about this,its a good ideea for me to do the same??

Thnak you,


hello who can help me I bought mound and blade just started on the site but I can not open it so can not see any play biblioyheek standing, who has an answer for me please!! :?:


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Start steam, lorenzo. Then press the play butoon on "Mount and Blade Warband". Afterwards choose your modification "Napoleonic Wars" press play and have fun :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :wink: :mrgreen:

Hope I could answer your question.

I think I will play more napoleonic wars in future perhaps join a regiment. :roll:


Hey i checked your first link it's superb and great website. I love background of this site.  awesome.......!!


This might be a minor problem, but every time I install NW and I try to run the game a message shows:
[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@Z was not found in DLL-Library fmodex.dll.

I'm an experienced warband player and I've never seen any message like this one?
I've tried to reinstall warband several times, but every time I even tries to run the launcher that f"#¤%ng message shows

P.s I'm a bit frustrated so please ignore the swearing..
Install this:

Then install this
Can someone help me. Every time I start the game it mostly loads then it says I don't have enough video memory, can someone help me please!?    :sad:


Guys I have a question ! If I did not buy Mount and Blade Warband on steam and I want to buy Napoleonic Wars on steam it's still work ? Does Steam Understand that I bought the real game ? And I added Mount and blade on Steam But I did not enter the CDkey it's still work ?
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