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Make sure he has "Shader Details" set on High.

HDR : Low
and "High Contrast Tonemap" enabled.

Just tell them to:
Install this:

Then this:
Mount & Blade: Warband, is a game which never stops giving. Now it's best mod, Mount & Musket, secretly grew in to a gallant multiplayer DLC. Napoleonic Wars wont leave any guesswork.
At the past days even war was different, and Napoleonic Wars is worst enemy of longrange shooting BF players. Firearms are honorable, they are also painfully slow and inaccurate. That's why swords and bayonets are used in finishing the enemy.
Mount & Musket's stable, working basis isn't changed, its only been polished and expanded. Thanks to the new multiplayer gamemodes, Napoleonic Wars is figthing over the title of best Shooter of the year. Maybe slow figthing will be the next trend of the year!

Goddammit versus. Crapauds
Beginning of the 19th century.  The major powers of Europe, France and its historical enemy's England, Prussia, Austria and Russia are clashing at the massive multiplayer battles, with the theoretical  user of nice 250 players. At Finland 19th century won't inspire people like at Europe. Key to be inspired to this period, is library. Bernand Cornwell's Captain Sharpe, great, and famous book series only part translated in Finnish, is like created to tell what 19th century warfare is about. Siege of Badajoz makes landing of Normandy feel like a beach holiday.

Intoxication of Saturday evening
Main units types of napoleonic Wars are Cavalry, Infantry, Pioneers, And Artillery, which maniacs of flying squirrel have modeled over 220 units, with their own handsome uniforms. In addition to the linemen game includes officers, non-commissioned officers, and even musicians! if the feature is toggled on at the server, they give bonus to different things, such as accuary or faster reloading.
Eras fast moving strike force, cavalry, is gentlemans way to figth. Alliance between horse and men needs skillful hand, because villain is usually removed from enemy troops with a sword or a lance, and in speed its not easy.
Now infantry controls the historical combat measures. They know how to kneel, make bayonets a effective spike barrier. In classical square formation front line makes a barrier, and rest of the people shoot the unlucky horselords. Unfortunately AI don't know how to use this formation.

Disorder at the line
Infantry is spine of the game. Its main weapon is musket with long bayonet. Ironically reloading takes 12-15 seconds. but it's tactical use is fast volley shooting at formations. Tho lines and formations are only being seen at battles between clans, which are organized and commanders use real tactics. Surprisingly at the chaos of the normal battle, its spontaneous to see people playing as a group, because evn cod player knows that you will fail alone.
First feeling of the battle is weird. Guns leave insane amount of smoke, and first you feel that non ribbed rifle hit's nothing. With shorter cavarly musket, or pistol, chance of hitting someone is even smaller. After that you notice that if you cant hit em, they cant hit you, and then youll know how the game works. One of special units of infantry are russian partisans,. They get random weapons, and if you are very unlucky, you'll try to kill your enemys with vodka bottle, and piece of wood. The other special unit is British Riflemen, which have very slow, but accurate (in the scale of this game) Baker rifle. The rifles revolutionized the warfare, because you had chance to kill officers with them.
When the one shot of your musket is used to an approaching enemy, its time to switch in bayonet or sword. Napoleonic Wars melee is changed in the scale of a small **** load to noob friendly. That means decreasing first off all spinning, and attack speed. Now bayonet is much deadlier than sword. (my opinion, NOOOOOOOOO!) Now you wont see many of the fast, long duels of Mount & Musket. Melee have much more deadlier feeling now. Personally i liked it, because i was better in it than in Mount & Musket. But almost half of the lovers of Bayonet Ballee are crying over the old system.

Canister, or bullet?
Everyone are not suited for the frontline. Pioneers are taking care of defending. They build barriers, dig trenches, and blow up walls. They dont have firearms.
Artillery is now important aspect of the game, its being significantly improved. You can have all three main ammo types, Iron balls (xd you know what i mean) Canister shots and exploding ammo is used to destroy infantry. There is also mortars, which are used to shoot above the fortress walls. There is also the wonder weapon of (noobs of the battle server) rockets. Rockets are way too accurate in the game, they fly to the battlefield, not to the own side. Shooting with cannons and mortars is mostly teamwork, because its rare to see the shooter hit anything. But sometimes you are lucky. Once i blew up 10 men with blindly with single shot mortar round. That made my heart feel warm.

To the breakthrough!
As a shooter game, Napoleonic Wars works in ever condition, there is players, servers can take the load. Even players are relatively smart. Warfare is thick because there is different rules, it tastes very fresh. level of details, like pipes of the men, and wet powder, is the last slice wich makes the eys shine, This is so nice!
Only problem of Napoleonic Wars is that you win nothing permanent. You wont have expirience points, levels, or unlocking weaponn, There is no campaing mode. Atleast the other problem of Mount & Musket is fixed, new gamemodes give the game more age. Three of em are absolutely best. Conquest from BF, aka capturing the flag, is about capturing the flag  :shock: and team with less flags loses points very fast. And commander battle stole from WFAS fits in the game like Napoleon as a emperor. In that mode players control 10-200 bots. Its nice way to have your own linebattle in few seconds. My personal favorite, is the sige, Attacker tries to breach defenders walls with artillery. And capturing enemys flag. Attackers have endles lifes, and defenders lifes are lmited from 3 to 5. I was hooked in to night adventures at Napoleonic Wars, but soon as you are bored in camoflauge and tanks, travel to the era of fancy uniforms and that makes your trigger finger itching. Silencers and flamethrowers, C'est i bah! Real gun makes a big sound, and insane amount of smoke and fire.
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And pictures of the article:
Ill add better quality pics tomorrow, im finn so the grammar kinda sucks, but this is better than nothing.


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Little annoyed at the UK PC Gamer team for taking forever to actually cover this thing, no word at all in the May magazine nor any sign on RPS apart from the announcement.



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They probably won't cover it for it is "only a dlc"

I'm very happy about this finish review, if you know the author "Nnirvi"  please send him my regards and Ill buy him a beer when he visits the Netherlands.

Thank you for translating it OPTiihonen! :smile:


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They do cover DLC expansions in the past, heck they have at least four or five reviews dedicated to indie games every issue in the magazine and almost mentioned daily in RPS. Heck they reviewed WFS!

I'd double check to make sure they got the code though they might just be slow. I'm still waiting for my Crusader Kings freebie code to be sent to me because some cheap sod must have camera phoned the code from the page at the shop.


I may be able to catch Nnirvi :smile: I'll tell him if I can. I used to work at the same place as he did xD


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Congratulations for that review. Nnirvi (Niko Nirvi) is pretty much a legend in Finnish gaming culture. He reviewed games already when I was a kid, and I was young a long time ago. Well, age-wise anyway. I think I can safely state him being the most famous Finnish game reviewer in business, and I bet you'll see more Finnish players in servers in near future :smile:
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