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"Tarascan Empire" for ****'s sake laddie

yes vote mesoamerica, play as dude in avatar, avoid doing same thing you do in other bops over and over
Hmm, I don't see the Livonian Swordbrothers in the 1200 faction list. I would love to play as Ordensmeister Volkwin though :razz: It's 1200 for me.




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Gotta say, after reading through Serva I was hoping for something like that. Always wanted to be Malcolm Reynolds.

Anyway, I vote Vikings, and give me Ireland. But it might make sense to do Mesoamerica if we have 2 dedicated hosts, and there id want something Aztec.

If 1200 ends up winning, I don't know, give me Japan or India?

All in all, I want in


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These all sound cool!  :ohdear:
So if Mesoamerican Silk Vikings  aren't an option, I'd have to go with:

1. Silk Road
2. Meso
3. Vikings

Though as I said, i like them all. Count me in whatever the final result will be!


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BenKenobi said:
Wow, that's one hell of a ****ty list  :razz:

You're breaking my heart Ben.  :sad:

Thanks for the interest though everyone! Was very happy to see the responses when I woke up today.  :grin: Hope to get started on setting up as soon as possible once voting has concluded, so I'm glad to see there's some fervent interest in the settings.
You broke mine by not wanting to participate in the Vietnam thing  :cry:

Anyway, Vikings. It may be ****ty but it is the least ****ty from that list :razz: Could be great if the Catholic Church is playable  :grin:
I'm ready to get involved in BoP again now that I have my PC at my permanent address - would love to join any game. I don't check this part of the forum very much so would appreciate a PM from the host when the sign ups thread is out so that I don't miss it.


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1. Silk Road because trebuchets
2. Vikings
3. Meso

At any rate, though, I'll probably remain at the sidelines until the European theatre is added to Silk Road.

HRE or Pope is mine, fite me.


ok so we may be a little behind (even including crimson's not-in-thread vote smh) but that's obviously because I haven't unleashed our home-baked fresh succulent mesoamerica memes yet.

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