Gang turf battle is basically unwinnable without cheese

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It seems like we got something that's even worse than fighting Forest Bandit Hideout. In gang turf battle, you are pit against 10 to 20 odds with only your city gear which is basically useless. Despite putting best melee troops on top of the roster, the fight will still somehow choose archers that are also pretty useless in melee combat. If you or your companions were seriously wounded in previous fight, you'd also live with that penalty because wait time to recover is maybe a day.

The simplest fix the dev's can do is to at least let the player field at 1-to-1 odd if not the entire army. This is a turf war and not a hideout ambush. Encounters like this feel like poor design rather than an oversight.

Edit: Even forcing top-tier melee units by putting the rest in a different party did not fix things. They just get swarmed and defeated. The sluggist leveling system is not helping. I have a feeling that my character will never even get close to being as strong as a "Master Thug" by the game's end.
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I also thought that moving units to the top of the list would make them the choice for hideout/turf war, but in reality it seems to be a % of the composition of your troops.


Instead of fighting them right after you kill the thugs don't wait and go kill them again then wait and see if it makes a difference.

Beau Vine

I love it, it could instead have a stronger prize - like really changing the sphere of influence of underworld, leading to you either being able to recruit better units from them after 1 such battle, or after a while ie them trusting you with secret routes into the city, giving a special option for breaking in/out besieged city.
Bringing a bunch of mameluks, and knights kinda breaks down the deniability about involvement of a bannerlord in such affairs, so if any adjustments were to be made, I'd love it if it priozritize ie Forest thiefs, hillmen etc.

For me, this quest is about Rome S1Ep2: How Titus Pullo pulled down the Republic :grin:
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