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If there's any particular tweaks you'd like to see in version 1.1 then please post which tweak and a description of what you want it changed to.

Use this thread for reference :-,46290.0.html


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1. Change to make cattle follow instead of run  yes

2. Info about changing the way villages get cattle  no preference

3. Make cattle move faster.    yeah might be handy 

Modding party sizes:

1. Change Morale and Party Size  i think its fine now really

2. Change AI lord's maximum party size.  i dont think so, one lord having just around 100 men is fine, epic fights make sense if they only happen when all the lords campaign together

3. Change number of prisoners you can hold per prisoner management point. Brought to you by isi. I think.  would be good for people who dont wanna invest in this skill

Modding quests:
1. Modify the timer on repeating quests, repeat them sooner!    definatley yes !

2. Allow village elders to give quests again after refusing one  yes !

3. Allow asking guild masters for a different quest.      yes !

4. Modify relation bonus from completing quests, for lords and for towns/villages. (Very long, you have to edit them separately!)  this would be good but not needed 

5. Change the price of buying everyone wine in a tavern (to up town relations) This tweak brought to you by Swadia Nutt. (You can also use #4 above to change the amount of relation it gives)    this would be good

6. Change the amount of prosperity villages gain from the cattle and grain quests.  very good ideas, right now its not worth the time

Modding the arena:
1. Adjusting tournament bet amounts  YES!! THIS IS VITAL!!  betting 10-100 gold is pointless, 100-1000 makes much more sense

2. Customize arena melee winnings (tedious)  this would be good, considering the time frame having one on one knight tournaments, and group sword fights makes more sense then throwing randomly equipt men in the arena

3. Change the number of participants in a tournament + adjust how many are taken out each round. This tweak brought to you by Charonte.  see above

4. Adjust equipment given to arena fighters. This one is a little difficult, since you have to look through a bunch of numbers and look up what item numbers are. See the post 2 below this one to change the equipment you get when sneaking into towns.    see above

Village/Castle/Town related:
1. Change the amount of revenue received from trade caravans visiting your town. doesnt really need to be changed

2. Adjust the build times on village improvements.  making it shorter would help

3. Make windmills give a 5% monthly bonus, instead of only once.  yes ! 

4. Change the way kings decide who to give land to.  perhaps based more on personal preference rather then who already has land makes sense considering the time frame 

5. Change the amount of gold the king gives you when he refuses to give you land.  yeah up this, or maybe even make it more insulting depending on the ruler

6. Modification to be able to collect taxes from ALL your holdings by visiting any one of them.  yes! this is genious 

7. Change the amount of money merchants have. yes up this

8. Change the wealth of castles/towns (should change their maximum garrisons)  makes sense london and york have more wealth and garrison then scotland and definatley ireland towns 

9. Change the bonus you get from schools.    sure

10. Change the maximum food stores of castles and towns.  if anything youd want to increase it for realism, month longe seiges should be 4 year long seiges, but that isnt fun so a week i guess is better  :roll:

NEW11. Add meet with guild master/village elder options to menus. 

Combat/Troop Related:
1. Editing to allow inventory access during sieges.      yes 

2. Make all troops obey your orders in combat, even if you're not the marshall.  i guess its good for conveniance, although unrealistic 

3. Adjust the amount of time between recruiting from prisoners.  Either way really, making it sooner would be more conveniant and realistic 

4. Change the number of mercenaries that appear in cities.    definatley increase this, perhaps have more then one type of mercenary in a city at once if possible ? 

5. Change the number of troops recruited in villages.  how it is now is pretty good 

6. Change the faction of troops recruited based on ownership of village. (same script edited as #5 above)    nah 

7. Make all parties that dislike you (like bandits) group up against you. (updated 10-08-08 to correct an issue with castle garrisons and spawn points attacking you) yeah add this

8. Change the number of reinforcement waves both sides get during battle.  increase this !

9. Modify the way wages are calculates for troops.  well it seems fine now, but i guess everyone would like it lowered

10. Modify the build times on siege towers.  2 days to bulid a siege tower with 10 engineering ? More like half a day for professionals with the right equipment and experience which that skill represents

11. Modify after-battle XP gain.  well how it is now is fine for people starting at lvl 1, people importing characters at lvl 33 like me wont ever level up a whole play thru  :???:  so really leave it, this is easy to mod for those who want to anyway

12. Change to allow inventory/party access in the menu while besieging a town.  this was already asked lol

13. Change the chance of recruited prisoners escaping.  seems fine now really

14. Change the hiring cost of mercenaries. the cost does seem very high, ecspecially for someone starting out, 600 denari for 3 men ? wtf

15. Change the size of bandit parties. the system is fine now really

16. Change the size of deserter parties.

17. Change the number of men spawned in the town center and castle fights (after you win at the walls)  perhaps maybe twice as many men, 20 or so in total would be ok, anything higher and you would run outta room in the native towns 

18. Change the attack menu to allow attacking even if relation is positive.  yes add this !

19. Instructions on how to change the size of the random battle maps. Also see maw's other posts in the thread. i think the size for them is great now, although some hill, and dense tree battles would be better smaller so you spend less time running around looking for the last few enemy units  :???:

20. Modify the type and amount of troops given to castles/towns and Lords as reinforcements. seems fine now really

Hero/Lord Related:

1. Allow garrisoning of heroes. sure

2. Disabling companion interaction (have as many as you like)  if anything, add more interaction, and them telling you random things aboiut the last battle or the lands your wandering in, just lower the odds of them running off cause another companion called em a doo doo head or some **** 

3. Editing the chance of lords escaping after you defeat them.  well considering how easy it is for YOU to escape, it makes sense the lords will as well

4. Editing the escape rate of lords while imprisoned.  if theyre imprisoned in a city then the odds should be way down

5. Editing the chance and frequency of ransoms being offered for lords.  up this WAAAAAAAAAY up

6. Give troops to any of your kingdom's lords. yes add this definatley !

7. Change amount of honor lost when refusing to ransom lords.  if anything, increase the lose! and increase the gain when you set them free 

8. Dialog to allow asking the claimant the location of your faction's lords while he is in your party. sure add it

9. Change the hiring cost of heroes. well if anything it should be higher, theyre cheap compared to mercenarys

10. Remove the relation hit from assigning land during the claimant quest ( yes please god add this

11. Change the character info screen to show your relation with lords as a this would be great

12. Modify the buying gifts system to be able to increase relation above 0 and change the cost and bonus of the gifts. yeah ! maybe even mention what the gift is, a ring/new horse/artifact from rome etc

13. Modify how much experience lord parties and towns/castles get. This is how trainer skill affects lords. (middle of post) no real preference

NEW14. Modify ransom amounts for lords. well its pretty high already, ecspecially the faction lord :razz: so nothing to complain about

Food Related:
1. Change to allow consuming of ale/wine  damn right, what irish soldier wouldnt get wasted before a fight

2. Fix your food! Fix for the food morale bug!  may not be needed

3. Adjust the amount of food you consume. its fine now really

1. Edit the timer on bandit parties spawning. Also edit the max number of bandit parties spawned.  maybe lower this a bit

2. Enable cheat mode (does lots of stuff) irrelevant

3. Enable cheat menus without cheat mode (without all the other messages)  irrelevant

4. Change Faction Colors  following stereotypes, English Red, Irish Green, wales, hmm grey or white? and scotland blue

5. Change Player Faction colors (the red or the grey)  i guess black would be appropriate, the old english colour of betrayel and death

6. Change the name of your kingdom! irrelevant

7. Dialog to make tavern keepers buy prisoners from you. yes! so no need for slave trader hunting

8. Disable stat loss (only necessary for games over 757.5 days)  yeah get rid of that, this mod wil have people playing over 3 game years :razz:

9. Adjust the set amount you get for prisoners.    yeah having the system where highter tier troops give you more money would be nice

10. Make the amount you get for prisoners vary based upon the level of the prisoner. yeah this

11. Adjust the way the persuasion skill works. This has the 5 instances of Persuasion skill, and tells you how to change 4 of them. yes

12. Change persuasion to be based on charisma (or any stat) no i wouldnt mess with this really, it might affect people importing characters

13. Change how much trade skill affects things.  perhaps

14. Change the weekly cost display to show costs for all troops - not just the ones in your party. this would be good, or have a menu where you can check the difference

15. Instructions to change sounds. This brought to you by Gaping Angus. irrelevant, although you might wanna add custom sound effects for weapons, there are some great ones out there. Band of warriors has the most realistic sounding bows, tis awesome

16. Instructions for changing ingame text colors. This brought to you by Kolba. irrelevant

17. Add a cancel option to the assess prices menu in towns.  hell yes, i hate accidently clicking that *****
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I really like the new sounds that were introduced. They make the gameplay much more immersive, but I think it could be even more so. One thing that occurred to me is there are not as many battle cries as I would expect to hear. In other words, the soldiers should scream and shout more, especially when they clashing. In Native men will occasionally scream or yell, but it seems to be random, and the duration in between vocalizations appears long. Other types of audio that could add realism include panting, heavy breathing, snorts, or anything else that makes the men seem more alive. It would be really great to be in the midst of a maelstrom and hear nothing by the sounds of men locked in mortal combat--not to mention the cries of the wounded and dying.

I know this is not directly related to MageLord's tweaks, but thought since you were taking suggestions it would be appropriate.