Unresolved Game Crashes At Launch

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Version number
Yes, but I removed mods.
Dump identifier (optional)
Crash Dump Identifier (if applicable):2022-11-12_01.21.19_d3a55683958ead2c569d5751be94da21


Tried every troubleshooting method on the forums with no luck. I cant see the reason why the game is crashing at launch in its vanilla configuration without mods.

Tried recommended solutions of:
-updating windows to the latest version
-Updating all relevant drivers
-Verifying game files integrity
-Changing the native resolution of the screen from 4K
-deleting and re installing the game
-deleting game save files
-deleting language folder from different modules
-starting the game in safe mode
-Restarting Steam and the computer
-Clearing Cache and all necessary data

Not sure what else to do to get this game to lunch, I've haven't played it on my computer since the early days of the beta, and I'm eager to try all the new features of the game, maybe some mods. i cant think of any logical explanation of why the game isn't lunching, hope you guys could help me out.
P.S computer specs are in the required range.

Error Code: the application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to upload these files now?

Dump Upload code: 2022-11-12_01.21.19_d3a55683958ead2c569d5751be94da21

Support Ticket Questions
Summary:Game crashes Every time i try to launch it in its vanilla configuration.
Version: v1.0.1.4833
Is the game modded?: No
How to Reproduce: Every time you press play or continue game crashes while its loading after the launcher
Have you used cheats and if so which: no
Scene Name (if related): N/A
Media (Screenshots & Video) : Doesn't apply, it doesn't even launch
Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Home
GPU Driver Version: 496.49
CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U
RAM: 16GB (preinstalled hp laptop couldn't find more info)
Motherboard: HP Product:83BA Version:57.33
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): KXG50ZNV5 12G TOSHIBA 512GB
Crash Dump Identifier (if applicable):2022-11-12_01.21.19_d3a55683958ead2c569d5751be94da21


Hey there, same problem here unfortunately. Been experiencing this issue for a while now, when i try to launch the game, I receive an error "The application faced a problem. we need to collect necessary files to fix this problem". I'm trying to upload but also face some issues there. Hope this will be solved soon, thank you
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