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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

We’re thrilled to announce that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will release on PC & Consoles on October 25th, 2022. It will be available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

We have developed Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord as a multi-platform game since day one. The console version will as such have the same gameplay features as the PC version. The currently available PC Early Access, will also move on to full release, along with the console launch on the same date. But do not fret - While this marks an important milestone for the game, it is not the end of the road for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, which will keep receiving updates in the months to come.

“These two years have been a long and challenging road. Developing a massive and complex game such as Bannerlord, for several platforms, and in the middle of a pandemic, is no easy task and I’m incredibly proud of our team for its relentless, brilliant work. Despite the challenges, it’s also been a rewarding path: we’ve found many synergies that we weren’t initially expecting between consoles and PC, synergies that have made the game grow and be better than it would have been in other circumstances. We’re looking forward to putting the game in the hands of our amazing community, which has been supporting us on consoles since Warband.”
~ Armagan Yavuz

We’ve also made our way to this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that the physical part of Gamescom had to be canceled during the last two years. This, in combination with the opportunity to showcase and let you experience Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord on consoles, makes us all the more excited to be meeting you here again. You can join us at the Gamescom Public Area in Hall 9, Booth 22. We will also be present in the Business Area in Hall 4.

We will be sharing daily updates of what’s happening on-site through our social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). We’ll have some rewards to give out so stay tuned!

The game is available for pre-order now via the Playstation and Xbox stores as well as major retailers.

In addition to the above, you may check this very thread daily for some Gamescom on-site photos. Here’s the first behind-the-scenes pack!


Public Area Booth


Business Area Booth


Any idea what's missing from this photo???

Oh you got me good, Taleworlds. I'll give you that!

All of these years making us all think you were actually trying to make a worthy successor to Warband, or a worthy game at all. The countless times we were told our opinions and our feedback mattered, and it didn't, but we were kept being asked for it to make it seem like you were doing that. The countless times we were told that this and that would happen, and it didn't, to shut us up long enough to pull this off. All of those times I gave praise or hope ultimately came to this incredibly disappointing decision. And all of this—the lied about features, incomplete features and dumbing down—was done for what? Console releases! I'd be ashamed of myself for buying this game if I wasn't more humored by the fact that I fell for it.

I would ask for my money back for the many lies I was told about at purchase, but we all know that's fruitless. Live and let learn, I suppose. And oh boy, did I learn a lesson about TW.
oh yes everything is dumbed down for consoles right? get a grip dude stop crying...
Game dev is slow. Maybe TW is being a lot slower than is expected but if you consider that TW is a turkish company that doesn't have the funding of western AAA developers, is making a bloody complex game, is working on other projects and was working on console releases.
Ok they said they wanted to do PC first and fully at some point in the past, but that's not how keeping a company profitable works and yes the game can have a lot more done to it, but from their perspective getting all the complex systems actually made and working (issues or not) is a big deal and is in a sense the fully developed game.

Server crashes suck, unprofitable trading (when not using exploits) is unhelpful, ai issues in massive sieges are a bummer, smithing being a a serious grind sucks
, but heck ya'll still putting in hundreds of hours into it and enjoying it at least to an extent otherwise stop playing.
I mean, I get the criticisms, but the game is fukin huge and enjoyable. It's had years of artist and programming and production work put into it. I get that the forum has reasons to be mad, but people talkin' as if this is some dog****e, broken, scam game.

You buy a game in Early Access, then it's early access
. How long it takes to make, how regular the updates are, all of that stuff, it's exhaustingly slow ( It always is) and you should never have expectations regardless of what the company's pr say. Game dev for games like this is slow. So that's why I didn't buy the game till a few weeks ago. Now I'm enjoying it. There's stuff I desperately want changed and fixed and added, but, I'm not going to go ballistic any time some news or developer comments come out that aren't them prostrate on the floor begging for the community's forgiveness.

That's my rant. I'm glad for the release and I hope TW does some address and social content for the community because it looks like many people have been waiting as part of this dev process and they're feeling very unheard and tired out. Easy fix! Start talking to the community more! Heck, hire me, I'll do it. I got laid off a few weeks ago because my game dev company shut down. I'm ready xD

disclaimer: I've not been following the dev closeley. Been playing warband for years but got Blord recently. So if you think i'm wrong about any point i'm making, I'll be happy to stand corrected.
now you are a dude who has a good functioning brain and i respect you good sir.
oh yes everything is dumbed down for consoles right? get a grip dude stop crying...

Unless you have evidence in which directly proves that the decision to move to consoles didn't impact the development choices for Bannerlord, yes, it was? If that upsets you to hear, that's not my fault. You can see it in the early release date when the game is clearly not ready, in the AI, NPC features (or rather, lack thereof), and in some ways, even combat such as order issuing, the UI etc. Well, it is either that or the devs are just so greedy and incompetent, they claimed everything slightly difficult was too impossible to do or my favorite one, "not their vision". Some of these "too impossible" tasks have been done by modders absolutely free, mind you, so it cannot possibly be because they were too difficult to do. No matter how you cut this pie, it's embarrassing for Bannerlord. I get it though; you like the game a lot, so you overlook its glaring issues and even get upset when someone points it out.
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