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Fps in multiplayer

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Hello. I wanted to ask you with which FPS do you play in multiplayer? I play with 60 and I have such a problem as sharp blows. Ie, I do not see any blows and I'm pierced


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I used to have no limit, but I switched to a different mouse with high polling rate (1000) and that doesn't work very well with high fps in Warband... since then, I use 160fps cap and it feels alright.


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144, since that's my monitors refresh rate. Used 120 when I had a 60hz monitor though, and yes, it made a difference.


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Ciiges said:
I have 160, I would advice not putting it over 240

I have a 240hz monitor, but I like playing with 500 fps (gsync off). I don't really see any issues whatsoever, so maybe the limitation of what max fps you can use in a stable fashion is on a pc  by pc basis.


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Ciiges said:
Ive noticed that whenever you go too far over 240 fps you start dropping frames and lagging
Depends on how good your cpu at single threading since warband is heavily cpu dependant and uses a maximum of 2 cores. If you have a high single core performance you can play at 300 fps without experiencing fps drops.


The human eye can perceive more than 1000 FPS, & I would like to add that unless you have a monitor operating at more than 60Hz, increasing the FPS beyond 60FPS is useless.

That being said, does higher FPS necessarily mean you'll detect, or extract more data from the game than anything otherwise? Maybe at a fraction of a difference...

But I don't really think so, and I believe we need to seriously take ping into account... as this has more to do with reaction time and less to do with how fast the game operates
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