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So in the POP game options it says battle formations on, but when I press 1, there's only the default 3 choices instead of the extra formation choice, which you can change (ranks, shieldwall, wedge) when I get my guys to charge, the screen thing says Ranks dissassembled or something like that. How do I fix this?


The formations have their own buttons. Quote from the FAQ thread:
The formation key bindings are:

"J" for ranks – Ranks is a three line deep formation that puts the most experienced troops in the front. It is available for Infantry. The command also applies to Archers, but in their case they will form a Staggered Line.  This formation is good against other infantry and archers.

"K" for Shield Wall –The shield wall command will only affect Infantry. This makes them form three lines. They will have shield units in the front, then short weapons, then pole weapons. This formation is good to use when advancing against archers.

"L" for Wedge (NOTE: the player should reassign the "L" for "Log" mapping to another unused key) – Wedge commands can affect Cavalry and Infantry. It is a triangular formation that has its tip towards the general enemy position. The formation uses its most experienced troops in the front.  This formation is good to make a dent in a different formation and split it up. It is best used with high level troops that have good armor and weapons.

";" for Square - The Square command makes a square out of the square root of the number of Infantry units. If you have 25 Infantry units the square will be five columns with five units in each column.  This formation is a useful defensive formation against cavalry.

"U" for No Formation (undo formation) –This command disassembles all current formations for the selected troop type(s) and puts them back in Native Hold formation mode.

When will a Formation be undone?  It will be undone when you issue a Charge command. For Cavalry it will also be undone if you issue a Dismount command.
In what direction do formations face? Formations face the general direction of the enemy.

Please note: 
Treebeard's formations only work against organized armies, like those of the lords, not with disorganized groups like bandits or Vanskerry raiders.

To make Formations work:

1.You must have Battle Formations ON
2.The encountered party must belong to a disciplined faction
3.The battle type must be a regular field battle (- i.e. not a village attack or siege or such battles)

Undisciplined factions are generally troops on the map that have white color. Other undisciplined factions are: Red Brotherhood, Mystmountain, Mountain Bandits, Forest Bandits, Outlaws.

When you are in a Formations and VI battle you'll notice a message at the start of the battle about Forming troops. If there is no such message you are in a battle against undisciplined troops and Formations and VI are turned off.

Disciplined factions are all kingdom factions, heretics, snake cult, noldor, Renegade knights and Jatu. In these battles you'll face the VI and have formations (if you have the Battle Formations option turned ON).

When in a Formations and VI battle it also depends on which group/division you have currently selected. If you have archers listening and you order a square or wedge command it will have no effect. If you select everyone (0) then those who can form for example wedge will do so (if you order wedge). So if you have a selection that consists of less than required troop types for a certain formation, then they won't be able to form that formation.
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