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FoW is evidently the Vision of someone at TW, floated in 1.1, but causing a lot of frustration with players now.
Like a lot of the BL systems, it is still ( still ! ) a WIP, and will likely be refined / improved ( rather than removed ........ ).

Might I suggest a less Blanket Fog than this, where one now has to incrementally meet every individual NPC around the map ( keeps do give you the bonus of the few nobles in there at a time, without the conversations ) ?
How about ..... if you meet a Clan Leader then their clan is revealed in toto, including the children, displayed on the clan page just like they were in the old encyclopaedia ?
This would be a QoL improvement, short - cutting tedious ( and " off - mission " ) travelling all around Calradia just to " collect them all ", while retaining some sense of Discovery ( if that is what TW has in mind with FoW ; I am of the view that most of the player base has played before 1.1, knows all these dudes already, and now finds FoW just a silly nuisance foisted upon us ).
So, this would kill a lot of birds with one stone.

My notion is that, to plan your Clan ahead, it is especially interesting to know a Clan's next generation coming through, age, sex, appearance, traits, etc, for planning future marriages etc - 15 year olds, say, are only a couple of years from their " debut ", and you might expect to have your eye on them, but in FoW now they are just a cipher until coming of age - one has to keep a lookout for when that might occur, and then you have to track them down individually, just like you already have done with their elders ............ crazy.

Wanderers seem to have developed some systemic problems in 1.1, which need to be fixed anyway. My suggestion is that, considering that their sole reason for existence is to be of service to the player, Wanderers be fully revealed in the encyclopaedia from their generation, like they used to be - travelling across the map to hook up with that elusive Spicevendor that you discover you do not like the look of, and would not recruit anyway ........ well, just another frustration.
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