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Flintlock Firearms OSP

Well, despite the remarkable lack of interest or enthusiasm for the 3D Art thread post, I'm posting these for the public to use. Perhaps there are one or two people could benefit from them.


Included in the zip:
(Despite the name, only three of the six are flintlocks. The others are matchlocks.)

- Flintlock Pistol
- Arquebus
- Matchlock Rifle
- Matchlock Hunting Rifle
- Flintlock Rifle
- Blunderbus
- Each mapped to a 1024x1024 sheet, includes normal map and specular map
- BRF with all weapons in it, sized/positioned correctly and assigned proper material
- File with module system item code for all items, with basic features there. Smoke emitting is located properly on all firearms.

Top to bottom: Flintlock pistol, Arquebus, matchlock rifle, matchlock rifle, Flintlock rifle, and Blunderbus.

Closeup of the Flintlock Pistol; note the detailed firing mechanism. These are as accurate as I could make them from looking at pics.

Credit would be appreciated, but you don't need to ask permission to use. Enjoy.  :smile:
Nice of you to finally release it. I've made lods for all of them and increased the scale on the normal maps last night (not sure if it will look better in-game), and I'll PM you with the link once I get home. BTW, the Blunderbus has an extra vertex somewhere, making it display off-center when selected in OpenBRF.
Excellent. I'll be curious to check your normal map changes; by scale do you mean contrast, or image size?

Hmm, I thought I'd fixed that extra vertex. Maybe I hadn't exported it though.
Brilliant, just what I was looking for (matchlocks).  Very nice!

Hmm keep forgetting that thread is there, otherwise I'd have commented.  There's a reasonably amount of flintlocks about, but for those of us who want the earlier firearms like matchlocks and wheellocks pickings are a little slimmer.  Or were, until now.  Thanks very much Llew!
Have to use the Module system. And add a line into module.ini to load the brf file.
It don't work. "Cannot find mesh" -> The same in all weapons. When hero hold it, the anims are good, but he hold nothing in his hands... what am i doing wrong?

I tried to open the .brf file with the brf editor, but there was only errors  :sad:
Models with normalmaps developed for Warband (generally) have 3 textures. 

If you're trying to convert it to M&B, you'll have to make changes to the textures and the Material to make it work with iron_shader, for example. 

I don't have time to walk you through that completely, but basically the specular texture would become the alpha channel of the diffuse texture and you'd have to make other changes. 

I hate to put it this way, but you're well outside newbie-project territory with this; you'll need to get a program that can work with DDS, such as ATi's Compressionator, and an image editor that can work with alpha channels, such as Gimp, to even start.
Well, that's what it sounded like, sorry.

If for Warband, all three textures are necessary, and need to be in the textures folder of your mod.
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