EU Duel Completed European Duel Tournament [WINNER - APRIKOSENMANN]

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It's also funny because if you use their exact same abusive style against them, they'll die just as quickly as the other person would.
Yes, I think this is the most important part about it. This is not a playstyle to master unlike warband, it's a playstyle to abuse.


Ggs, I don't have anyone to paint the awards for the winners, sorry about that.
2nd place: Gotha
3rd place: Kazu

Think most people ended up dueling with one handed swords (correct me if I'm wrong) so if I ever host another duel tournament on bannerlord in case game gets gud, it will be 1h tournament only.
I think a new tournament can be started 2 weeks after the kick rework, which should come "soon". Different mechanics will be interesting. If block delay gets reduced 2h should be more viable aswell.
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