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NW Completed European Conquest Roleplay Event [Saturday]

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Inspired by a few friends for what an ideal NW campaign would be and look like, I've decided to take it to the extreme and make an event the community can compete in to fight for their favorite territories in the Napoleonic Wars, making an alternate history dependent upon the skills of the regiments.

The game is simple. Each week regiments will sign up for the Saturday event and will pick the desired nation of the two options. First come first serve. For example, the first week will be France v Prussia (I don't intend on going in historical order, since everyone generally declared war at the same time, except for Prussia).

The game board would look like this, however, I will be personally making a blank one to fill in the colors of which each territory in controlled by either nation.

So, as an example, let's say I declare that a given week is the battle for Berlin. The French Team and the Prussian team would line battle for 3 rounds. The winner of the 3 rounds would claim the territory, and the section on the map would be colored in as their color.

Note: Much smaller territories would be included within larger ones as a package deal.
If requested, you may fight for another territory for another 3 rounds.

When one of the nations is down to 3 territories, it will be an automatic surrender and a new nation conflict will be chosen.

Coalition and French protectorates will be treated as the major nation and will be fought over as one massive territory.

Teams will be kept even unless we come across a historically important battle from either side.


KEY NOTE: Sieges will be included!

I would REALLY appreciate feedback and new ideas to keep this as fun as possible.

Map colors:

Week One Nations:
1st Napoleon's Old Guard 20-30​
5th Battalion Coldstream 10-20​

12th Essex Suffolk Arty 6-12​
36th Kings German Legions 15-25​

Territory: To Be Announced

Customs maps TO BE INCLUDED

Artillery: Maximum 2 cannons, 1 sapper, and 10 arty guard. Any type of artillery is permitted. Artillery guard are permitted to all be the same unit, however, may be any unit type.
Line Infantry: No FOL, No Rambo'ing, minimum 3 to a line, MAY crouch!, and are not required to split.
Light/skirms: No more than 12 people. Lights must have 2 1/2 man spacing, and skirms may have 4 man spacing.
Cavalry: Maximum 12, must use standard cavalry tactics. This includes staying with your group. If 2 or less, you must dismount and join a line.

Time: 4pm EST (NA and EU friendly)
Day: Starts Saturday May 4th
Server hosted by: Markmods

To receive information before the events or after acceptance, please add [1stNOG]General Jerusalem on Steam, and the info will be given to every leader individually 30 minutes before hand:smile:

Do you have what it takes to change history?

Sign Up Form:
Regiment name:
Amount of men:
Unit Type requested:
Do you agree to the rules?:
Nation Preferred:


Regiment name: Glengarry Light Infantry
Amount of men: 6-10
Unit Type requested: Cavalry
Do you agree to the rules?: Yes
Nation Preferred: France

My Steam is "The Nonsuch" if you need to know.
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