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Adimi h.c.

Heroes of Calradia,

Welcome to the first European 3 vs. 3 Sword & Board Tournament for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Status: Week 2 - Deadline 4th April 2021
Tournament start:
28th March
Maximum amount of teams: 32, maybe more if enough teams sign up 28 teams​


Taleworlds will provide a server for this tournament (special thanks to the server team and to @Callum).

Format: Double Elimination
Round format:
Three sets are played.
The team with more sets wins.
Each set consists of two Bo5 (one per faction).
After each Bo5 both teams have to switch factions.
Sets can end in a draw if both teams win one Bo5.

In case of a draw:
If the sets in total end in a draw the following tiebreaker must be played:
Bo2 with one round per faction
If there is a draw again you have to repeat "Bo2 sets" until there is a winner.

Server: EU_SaB_Tournament_I
Factions: Sturgia (Warrior) vs. Aserai (Tribal Warrior)
Team damage: enabled (same values as Skirmish)

The server can be used for trainings / duels as long as you don't interrupt other players (May be changed). The server password will be sent to all team captains.
Please make sure that you are able to receive private messages on the Taleworlds forum!

Rules said:
General Rules:
  • Racism, homophobia, insulting etc. may lead to disqualification of the entire team
  • One player can only play for one team
  • Roster changes after tournament start are not possible
  • An extension of the tournament deadline is possible (max. 1 week)
  • Intentionally dodging matches or griefing other matches etc. will lead to disqualification of the entire team.
  • Do not share the server password with non participants.

Ingame Rules:
  • No throwing weapons
  • No two handed weapons / spears
  • Looting weapons is not allowed
  • Every player has to start and fight with a shield until the shield eventually breaks during combat
  • Reset on round end (everyone has to respawn, also to refresh shield hp)
  • Using cheats, hacks, searching for loopholes in the tournament rules etc. may lead to disqualification of the entire team
  • All official group fights have to take place inside of the wooden arena
Red: Start area for Team 1
Blue: Start area for Team 2
Orange: No players are allowed in this area at round start
Pink: Arena leave tolerance areas during combat



Note: Teams will be added from time to time, if enough teams have signed up and the sign up phase is over, a randomized matchup seed will be generated.


Each teamcaptain is expected to add their opponents teamcaptain on steam and monitor their Taleworlds private messages in order to set up a reasonable match time with their opponent. If evidence is provided that a team(captain) is unresponsive and does not attempt to fight their opponent within the given extended time period that team is automatically disqualified from the tournament. If non of both teams attempts to fight their opponent or contact an admin regarding an extension, both teams will be disqualified and whoever is assigned to play against the winner will receive a default win.

Sign up
Sign up said:
Teamname: Teamname
Player 1 (Captain): Name [SteamURL]
Player 2: Name [SteamURL]
Player 3: Name [SteamURL]

Teamname: Kanto
Player 1 (Captain): Charmander []
Player 2: Squirtle []
Player 3: Bulbasaur []


Unfortunately I cannot offer prize money, therefore the first, second and third place will receive a forum signature.

The only way this could work right now would be with one of two factions being Vlandia.

If a heavy infantry spawn costs 160 a player would need 60 additional gold each spawn.
Per death you would make 20 gold (if you respawn as a Vlandian peasant). Which means for one sergeant spawn you have to die three times. Now imagine a best of 5, you would need to die 15 times (5*60 = 300 / 20 = 15).

The other faction would even receive less gold since you only get around 10 gold per kill. So they would probably need to kill the enemies around 30 times before they can spawn 5 times as heavy infantry.

Cause of that I decided to go for the Tribal Warrior vs. Warrior (to avoid mirror matchups), they have similiar equipment, skill values and comparable shields. Since we have factions switches anyway it's still fair.
I wanted to avoid any kind of gold farming, aside of that I wanted the tournament to focus on combat with onehanded melee weapons with a shield.

Admin contacts

Team Contacts:
Teamname: Nudist Beach
Player 1 (Captain): Hairless the Fool
Player 2: Name AXDER the Strength
Player 3: Name Entral the Emperor

Teamname: Serious
Player 1 (Captain): APRIKOSENMANN
Player 2: Chao Persik
Player 3: Kazu

Player 1 (Captain): Arni
Player 2: Gibby
Player 3: Pacemaker

Teamname: 2 Weebs 1 Normie
Player 1 (Captain): Zettaiken the Death
Player 2 : Orpsel the Moon
Player 3 : Daban the Lover

Teamname: Furor
Player 1 (Captain): Firunien []
Player 2: Dextrus []
Player 3: Gotha []

Teamname: The Patterns Master
Player 1 (Captain): Obelix []
Player 2: CTH []
Player 3: Zorken []

Teamname: AK
Player 1 (Captain): DonNeto []
Player 2: Bloody_Death []
Player 3: Szymczak1503 []

Teamname: 22nd BOOM Squad
Player 1 (Captain): 22nd_Gabe []
Player 2: 22nd_TK_Ceasar []
Player 3: 22nd_Locco []

Player 1: Jufasto
Player 2: Koso
Player 3: Relexan

Teamname: Borrs Volkswagen
Player 1 (Captain): Livso
Player 2: Spooky
Player 3: Walja

Teamname: Team Dirt
Player 1 (Captain): Gsälzbär []
Player 2: Jesaja []
Player 3: Calle[]

Teamname: Tetris
Player 1 (Captain): Bertalicious
Player 2: Ganni
Player 3: Tom54p

Teamname: Beast Tamer, Snakelord and Samedi
Player 1 (Captain): Deacon
Player 2: Cleric
Player 3: Bliv

Teamname: 2 Girlz 1 cup
Player 1 (Captain): 1or3 []
Player 2: Wegnas wenfire[]
Player 3: Aiku[]

Teamname: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Ping
Player 1 (Captain): Kwenthrith la Badine []
Player 2: Kripaz []
Player 3: Strider []

Teamname: Knyaz Mabons
Player 1 (Captain): Silver []
Player 2: Relynar []
Player 3: Forsee []

Teamname: Sloth, Gluttony and Greed
Player 1 (Captain): Zarask []
Player 2: Teugata []
Player 3: Jaximus Fate The Star []

Teamname : Cerberus
Player 1(Captain) : [CRBR][Csl] Mazewind :
Player 2: [CRBR][Dec] Helm :
Player 3: [CRBR][Disc] RTisan Casino :

Teamname: Gachi Squad
Player 1 (Captain): Xanno
Player 2: Delonghy the Pure Pleb
Player 3: BrumBrum The Wibba

Teamname:Warband Boiz
Player 1 (Captain): Artemeis
Player 2: hireling
Player 3: Vernon

Teamname: Dominant lobsters
Player 1 (Captain): Argonia the Sexy Lobster
Player 2: Moon
Player 3: Kuca

Teamname: no E key pls
Player 1 (Captain): [Popowicz]
Player 2: [AngryNerd]
Player 3: [DasGinta]

Teamname : Devil Kittens
Player 1(Captain) : Neena
Player 2: Aela
Player 3: Launi

Teamname: Rutting Sranc
Player 1 (Captain): OGL Steam
Player 2: Shema Steam
Player 3: LeRoux Steam

Teamname: Old man hands
Player 1 (Captain): Sharky
Player 2: Zippo
Player 3: William Wallace

Teamname: Wolfpack
Player 1 (Captain): Greedalicious
Player 2: Raven
Player 3: MaHuD

Teamname: Workers
Player 1 (Captain): [Svenneld] Svenneld
Player 2: [Vanags] Vanags
Player 3: [AwWko] AwWko
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