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Added to Calendar: 22/03/21

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Adimi h.c.
Due to eastern holidays in some countries and alot of teams not being able to play yet I extend the deadline until april 14.
Otherwise I have to disqualify around 12 teams...
hello. the gsalzbär added me today saying the deadline is tomorrow and he cannot play today and tomorrow only after 21 o clock late night. We need extension.
Gabe wasnt around for whole weekend so I guess its default for us [no E key pls]


Adimi h.c.
Sorry, I have some trouble in reallife right now thats why it took a bit longer.
Please remember that I am no longer willing to babysit anyone of you if you are not able to play your games.
Also another reminder: For this tournament it is not allowed to switch players from your team.

The following teams are disqualified from the tournament (due to inactivity or whatever:
Team Dirt
Blue Laz0r Rapt0rs
Ruttening Sranc
2 Weebs 1 Normie
22nd BOOM Squad

If I missed any teams please let me know.

Since none of the actual matches could be played (and I simply cannot disqualify anymore teams..) round 3 and round 2 (loser bracket) will have a new deadline.

Week 4 (Round 3 & Round 2 Loser Bracket) - Deadline 30th April 2021
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