Elite troops turning into recruits in garrisons

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So, this may be a bug or something, but I would like to check that it is before I report it (Version 1.5.10). My town and castle garrisons are all fully comprised of elite troops (cannot be further upgraded), and I have about 100 elites in each of my two castles (Onica and Oristocorys castles), and about 400 in each town (Rhotae, Jalmarys). I had already suspected that my elite troops were somehow slowly disappearing, as I had reduced numbers of elites and more recruits in all my garrisons.

So yesterday, while I was just waiting in Rhotae trying to get my married clan members to get pregnant and have babies, I decided to see what was happening with my garrison. I first took out every troop except the elites, so everything left was top tier. I waited a few days, and saw that the overall number of men in garrison remained constant, however that there were some recruits there now. I suspected that elites somehow became recruits, so I wrote down numbers of all troops and waited some more. Surprise surprise, the amount of elites that ‘disappeared’ exactly equalled number of recruits that appeared. Then went to each fief, same thing happens. Elites become trash troops.

Keep in mind that I was sitting in my fief, and spotted no clan member or lord even enter Rhotae, have autorecruit off, unlimited wage and also have millions of denars (no desertion) and so much food in the city that the prosperity increases. Also, just to make sure, the garrison limit is over 600, so there is no desertion.

Here is my take on what happens: The garrison combined with governor effects probably means that each garrison troops gains about 8-9 xp per day. This means about 3000xp per day in total, enough to upgrade 2 legionnaires to the next tier. However, since there is no actual ‘next tier’, the garrison instead upgrades them to the start of the cycle (imperial recruit). This probably accounts for the approximately 1-2 new ‘recruits’ I see produced every day I waited.

Apologies for the long post, hope I can get some useful feedback on whether this issue is common or not.


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This is because of a bug the auto-recruit feature, recruit troops even it is turned off.
I have the same issue.
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