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In Progress [e1.5.7] Quest 'Needs help with Brigands" is unbalanced for companion mission part

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No, I didn't use any mods.
The quest from the towns called 'Needs help with brigands' is unbalanced. In order to assign a companion to it, you need a combat skill at about 150. 150 is an extremly high amount of skill points for most of the wanderer type companions in the game, I think only lord type companions like your brother and any wives you marry will have higher potential combat skills than 150 by default. 150 skill points for a companion mission involving simple looter slaying is excessive and should be lowered to match the tier of troops required during the mission.

How to Reproduce:
Find a town with a notable offering the quest "xxxx Needs help with brigands ", in my save I uploaded it is currently offered conveniently at the town i am right next to, Varnovapol. Save will be uploaded under the name brigandbug

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