Disabling Npc Interaction - Apparently it was meant to be in the game.

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Hmm this doesn't work with Warband. Did a CTRL+F and can't find this line of code =/

Anyone figure it out yet? I know it's soon but hey, worth a try :razz:


hi guys... i have a problem i still cant find the "2133 2 144115188075856295 0" line , i use lords and realms mod can anyone please give me the line for this mod?


2133 2 144115188075856 0

I believe this is the code for setting the variable as mentioned above (this is in Warband) I am not very good at deciphering scripts with the numbers, but following along as best I can with the python module script it seems correct. I have not tested it but will tomorrow. Time for bed now!


You could ask to the guys of the mod "Europe 1200".  In this mod there is no Npc interaction and they don't want to leave for what ever the reason.  You can hire all the Npc without any problem.


Yes, I am necroing this thread, as it is linked to elsewhere and out of date. The posted code here does not work in Warband apparently. kefka95 however has figured out the correct code that 'does' work in Warband. Go to his thread for the right code: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,103816.0.html
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