Need More Info d3d_device_context Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed!

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Sounds like you have a system issue, maybe a over-heating GPU ? Do you monitor your temps ? I use to have similar issues with my old computer, on cool nights it was fine but in the day, hot days , it would play up.

I use a program called hWinFO64 , it shows many conditions in the task bar - CPU temp, Motherboard temp , ChipSet, GPU, Fan speeds etc etc. You can also set Alarms .

Don't forget to test your hardware.
My temps and hardware are fine, i have no issues at anytime with any other games, all stress tests are fine, its just this game when ran via the launcher.
This is the only game that is having issues on my system, so I don't think my GPU is the issue. As I'm now out of the refund window on steam I'd really appreciate some assistance with this as I've paid for software that doesn't work.

I had that issue before, but it kinda fixed itself, I don't know how. Yes, for them saying it is a GPU issue they could be right and wrong. It gets confusing because like you said, Bannerlord was the only game that gave you issues, which the same issue that you had also only happened in Bannerlord for me too. Also, now that I don't have that issue that you have, I still can't play Bannerlord because the game crashes while traveling on the world map. It was great before they updated the latest update and even when they first finally launched the full game.
having this issue too. randomly while in a scene and always whenever loading into a siege
ryzen 5 2600
5700 XT
I have this same error in the city "Amitatys". When I enter the scene, the GPU crash.

As you at TaleWorlds are sure that it is a gpu error, because this error is present in several gpus.
same error for "Car Banseth"

just came here for report this issue then searched and find it solution for my self

rx5600 gaming x
16gb ram
ryzen 5 3600

i have 1200h at bannerlord but never got this error before till now

HOW TO FIX: In case of AMD RX 5000 GPUs, possibly some other ones too, revert to 23.5.2 AMD driver. All drivers after, until at least 24.1.1, have frequent and reproducible GPU crashes. Confirmed for game version 1.2.9
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It seems that i solve the problem,but i don't know how it works :ROFLMAO:
these were what i did (I'm not good at english.but i think you'll understand😁):
1.uninstall the game in Steam "Bannerlord" in "C:\Users\your username\AppData", delete all M&B2 folders(it will never delete your saves)
3.delete M&B2 folder in "..\steam\steamapps\common"
4.install the game again the game,option, close the DLSS,enable the option blow it

i have played 3 days since reinstall the game(with the old saves) and never see the problem again


good luck
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