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Okay, hi there. I'm sorry, I didn't have the patience nor the proper time to read every topic around, and when I searched, I found virtually nothing about a 1.011 crusades mod. I know there was one for .9xx or something, but it seems that they're not working on it anymore and... The only mods having something close to crusades are beta, I haven't played and all... And I know there are some suggestions on the "Mod idea collection: I want this mod." thread, and I will read them whenever possible.

If there are any Crusades mod in development, or properly released, please tell me. If not, I would like to take on arms(keyboard, mouse and google) to change that.

I didn't give any proper thought about everything on the subject, since I don't really know if there is somebody working on it already, but if there is no one working on it, I would pretty much like to try out and make one.  My general idea is mostly being historically accurate or something close to it, only the crusades around the year 1080-1100.

First of all I would like some feedback on the subject, if there is anyone else working on it, tell me, I'll take a look and lock down this thread. If there is no one working on it, I will edit this and give a lot of thinking about what to do. Suggestions, help, motivation, anything is welcome.

(To be honest I have basically no modding experience whatsoever, but I will learn it soon enough...)

And once more, sorry if I am bothering with this topic for any reason whatsoever.
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