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Summary: ever since the patch a few days ago, ive been experiencing frequent crashes, anywhere from 1-3 per session. im at a point where alot of the battles are bigger, but the crashes did seem to start being so frequent after the last patch. it primarily occurs when i start a siege as the attacking force.

How to Reproduce: play on latest patch on xbox one, be king of vlandia ig, and try to siege towns and you have like a 30% chance of crashing in my case.

Scene Name siegeing towns

cant post media as my account is new
id like to add that unlike a similar thread, this does not always happen in the loading screen or in a particular town. it happens in either the loading screen or once i spawn in, and it has happened in several different towns in different countries
Do you experience this particular siege crash when you recently boot/start the game (excluding sleep mode) or do you get this crash after playing or leaving the console on sleep mode for a certain amount of time?
Also do you remember the town/castle name where you try to siege?
The Xbox One does not have a lot of memory and our game is using a lot of memory. Most of the crashes we face are due to memory leaks. We would like to understand if your crash is memory related or not.
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