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After adding table and pillow assets(and some more decorative ones i guess), scene started crashing. It is hard to isolate because it looks like some weird combination of different numbers of pillows and tables causing it?

Edit: After deleting all pillows, tables, fur mats, creased mats and lastly some of the carpets, crash is gone. To bad that i had lost several hours of work; decorating my scene. It is most likely because of carpets getting stacked on each other(?).

Edit2: 2020-12-23_06.40.52_ebd919acc1eadc15cb1ecc673f20f72a
I dont know anymore... it was working yesterday and now without any changes crash is back again...
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Forwarded to the developers for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
Do you remember the names of those models/assets that causes the crashes?


Default scene with all aserai tables and aserai seat only, causing crash.
Reports: 2020-12-23_07.02.33_ebd919acc1eadc15cb1ecc673f20f72a

Even deleting those assets did not solve my crahes for sure(crashes once and works on another try), but if you add those into default scene and try to test it, it will cause a crash(in my case at least).
bd_table_aserai_tavern_a, bd_table_aserai_tavern_b, bd_table_aserai_tavern_c, bd_aserai_seat_a_unsittable

Now i am going to verify files of both the game and the tool on steam again. Thanks.

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Can you send us the scene files?
RAR/ZIP the scene files and upload the RAR/ZIP to With the URL of this thread and your username to be written to the description. There are 2 folders located under the below paths with your scene name:
  • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneObj
  • WOTS\Modules\SandBox\SceneEditData
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