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So I am running 1.0.9 and everything is fine. Got some mods, new game goes well, everything is hunky dory. I play for a few hours, then I save it. Come the next time, I try to load it, and it crashes immediately.

I am thinking, if it was any of the mods, wouldn't the game crash on first go around? Or at least crash in play? But this is exclusively and repeatedly while loading a save, not anything else.
So I just went in and booted it up with no mods at all and it loads well. Which means...something is messing with the loading of the game rather than the game itself.
With Bannerlord tweaks *not* causing the game to **** itself on loading, I am going to have a updated post here of what mods are working.

Bannerlord Lib: Works
Skip Bandit Diolog: Crashes on load
Developer Console: Works
Community Patch: Works
Extend Conspiracy Timer: Works
Basilisk Guild: Works
Buy Patrols: Works
Custom Campaign Options: Works
Slow Looters: Works
Tyni Bannerlord Fixes: Works
XorberaxCutThroughEveryone: Works
Xorberax TrainingField: Works
Expanded Bandits: Works
More Bandits: Works
Unit Fixes: Works
SwordSister: Works
Amour Does Something: Works
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Hello, sorry for the late reply. We have fixed a considerable amount of the problems we have encountered so far and improved the game performance with the multiple patches we have released. Please make sure that your game, your drivers, and OS are up to date and the game has necessary permissions over your security software. Please let us know if the problem persists after completing these steps and verifying the integrity of the game files through Steam.
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