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Hey everyone,

I'm having an issue after I try to load my saves the game crashes and all my saves even the auto when loaded from the main menu cause a crash. I've tried a series of fixes after doing a bunch of research over the last few days (added an exception through the firewall, turned off steam sync, ran in compatibility mode etc.) And nothing has worked. I've seen this as a common issue thats been labeled as solved before but I don't see a fix anywhere that has worked.

Does anyone have any information or a fix? At this point I feel like my saves are corrupted but is there a way I can protect them? This is the second playthrough that its happened after about a day of progress.

I really love the game but I don't want to keep putting these big hours in if it keeps happening.
Yes, however the crash usually only occurs with significant time in the game (both occurred around 24 hours) and the saves are damaged and usable. I would need to stsrt a new game and get to that mark.

Not sure if that helps.
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