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Summary: I have had enough of this weeks and weeks of game play gone. I can put up with the crashing ever 10 minutes. Hours of tedious battles because you can't destroy clans in the campaign. But to lose your game play is ridiculous. NO it's not fixed!!! I have patch 1.0.3 and did the resave even though my current save will not resave they just go corrupt, I had to go back to a old manual saves and now I have lost all the manual saves and the auto saves. This has to be the worst game ever. There is a law in the UK about selling faulty goods and this is one of the worst. This needs reporting.
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Have you experienced any corruption on newly created save files after 1.0.3? Loading previously existing save files on new version sadly does not count as new save files.


Hi Mard,

Version I’m on is 1.007.000 and last update was on 6th January.

No problem for me until try loading today - yesterday pressed save and exit and today files corrupted!!

Please see there is a way to get files back!


So are you saying I have to start the campaign again? I'm not starting again, I don't trust the game. The AI is not very good it's just endless battles your not actually playing the game. I don't want to go through that again. I got to the point of joining the empire factions together but I couldn't see if there was anything left to do just having all these factions running around like ants being annoying because you can't destroy them.

There is no way to get the files back on PS5, you can actually delete the corrupted files now.
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