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Companions' parties

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I was hoping to get some clarification about the roles of a companion's party and how to give them tasks.

1- Yesterday, I created a 2nd party led by one of my companions to complete a quest for a town's gang leader: capturing prisoners. It in the Quests menu it said the companion and the troops will rejoin my main party in 11 days.
So in this case, it seems straightforward enough after the given time, everyone will rejoin my main group and I don't need to do anything, correct?

2- Right after that, I selected another companion and created another party with a bunch of troops. When I looked in the Parties menu, I did not see anything about assigning independent tasks, such as patrolling for looters or even an order for the companion to follow me around the map!
So, what happens to that party once created? Do it do anything? Can you give your companion instructions?

3- Being impatient, I did not wait and see what would the companion do, I went to the parties menu and brought the troops back into the main group, however, the companion did not come back and remained alone in his party. So I discontinued (I don't remember the exact word used in the menu, but I did not "dismiss") the other party and my companion still did not rejoin the main group! I'm not sure where he is now!

I would appreciate some feedback/tips about independent parties.

Thank you,


Knight at Arms
1. These are not parties per se, the companions and selected troops banish from the game until quest completion upon timer, whether they succeed or fail.

2. Those parties roam the map freely like AI lords. AFAIK you can select a stance in the party screen, aggressive, neutral or defensive. You can call them to your army for no cost, and AI armies will call them aswell.

3. You meant you speak with the leader and took the troops? Then the party will keep going around recruiting and doing their thing. If disbanded, they will go to your closest walled fief and drop all the remainder troops in the garrison. If your companion was alone, he may have disappeared as he was defeated and will respawn after a few days. If not he will be where he dropped the troops.


Do Companion troops in a party upgrade?
Also, do the companion parties make any money, such as ransoming prisoners or selling the loot?


Knight at Arms
They should level their troops, but they seem to do it slower than the player in my experience. They do make money, and pay you 10% of their total money when above 10k, but you will pay more upkeep when they are below that threshold.
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