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Summary: After creating a new party for my clan by selecting Niasen as the party leader and donating zero troops to him in the pop-up window, he grabbed himself some Battanian Fian Champions from the garrison of Quyaz (one of the 2 towns that I own). His party size was 180 -ish and he took 24 out of 349 BFCs from garrison and then continued to recruit as usual. Backstory: Niasen was leading a caravan party and I disbanded that party and he returned to Quyaz from were I added him into my party and from inside the town I created a new clan party with him as leader. I repeated the test with Faroc and Phea(my wife) which were also leading caravan parties but this time I took both of them in my party from Ortysia when they returned and went outside the town in open field and created 2 new clan parties with tem as leaders and again donated zero troops. They both went to Ortysia and took men from garrison. Auto recruitment is disabled for both towns and the wages are unlimited for both towns.
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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
Tbh. I see this as a good thing for my own clan parties to help fill their ranks with better troops a lil quicker. They drop troops off as well at times.
And if you no where near them ? You also really want to micromanage 4-5 parties? Much easier to just drop off troops at the towns if need be and knowing they can use some sounds good to me. Give em some good troops to start with and let em go till you need em to join an army.
Guaranteed if you could take from other ppls garrisons you would. Your treated as a clan a team and work together. Other clans parties can't touch your stuff. Just your clan.


I stand my ground: you have options to control the troops quality for your clan members so I also want options to control the troops from my garrison and restrict others from taking/adding troops. Maybe a switch/toggle can satisfy both my and your expectations. Let's see what TW solves.
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