Change in player agency regarding bandits.

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Please, please PLEASE change the dialogue between player and bandit groups!

When rolling with 100+ party, it becomes SO frustrating to either get captives or do "train troops" quests. The dialogue leaves it up to the NPCs to surrender or fight. It should be the players choice to accept or mow them down! To have a check to see if they want to surrender is fine. But leaving it up to the NPC dialogue is taking agency out of my hands. HALF of all parties surrender when i dont want them to. Or fight when surrendering would be preferred/logical. And it is really annoying, because sending "borrowed troops" against mountain or forest bandits will lead to casualties. Looters is the only option. So, looking for looter parties, preferrably no larger than 15-20, where the dialogue does not give them MY least preferred resolution! This part is CRITICAL. Because it is annoying. :smile:

When the bandits say "look, we dont want to fight" my options should be "too bad eat my sword with your eyesocket, filthy peasant!" or "yes, puny bandit. Drop your weapons and shackle yourselves in awe of my mighty horde!" NOT a 50/50 gamble on wether they fight or not.

A third option would be for the bandit leader to take a bribe, and lead us to a bandit hideout! Or he sells off 30/50/70% of his party to me. Alternatively, an improvised camp attack at night. Sort of like a hideout. But its just a few tents or bedrolls around campfires, where they rest for the night. But the bandit leader is gone, with maybe a few of the other bandits. Basicly a surrender but with lower captive number.
Optionally if the player has low charm, that little camp can become an ambush by the treacherous bandits, on the smaller party the player attack with.
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