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Need More Info Castle Siege AI Break (repeatable)

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If the AI is attacking a castle you or your faction owns (not just a siege camp, but actually attacking) and you go to assist the defenders the game spawns you inside the castle with your troops, however both your faction and the enemy faction AI behave as if it was an open world battle. They will not interact with any siege related objects, attack gates, etc., instead choosing to pile up near the gate or walls.

Also, after the battle resolves, any enemies you don't take prisoner will become prisoners in the castle, however you cannot interact with or retrieve them even if you own the castle.


Having the same issue

Prince Joey

Also having this issue whilst attacking. I used the Help X attack the castle prompt to start the siege. This happened in story mode.


Same problem. Joining to defend a siege and I couldn't open the gate to let them fight. Luckily the arrow baskets are infinite but I re-loaded well over 20 times. I had control of the archers so I just had them follow me around, probably about a dozen actually were able to. Longest fight ever, but still oddly fun I guess.


Same happened twice now, we went to help defend something and this double gate happened too twice which they couldn't destroy, the ai were acting weird and dumb and it was an easy defense, also the defender ai could glitch out trough the walls around the gates
pic of gates


I also had this problem, but also the archers i could use on my side, wouldn't fire at the enemy even tho they had vision. Once i got knocked out, the ai started fighting and tacking casualties not sure how tho.


This happened to me repeatedly after I started my own Imperial faction. The enemy just entered the battle with no siege engines, they started piling on my gate, so I started hurling these oil/naphtha/greek fire containers at them and promptly killed about 200 troops just like that. I made a short video of it:

Notice how my archers also just stand there, not doing anything, with 1-2 expections.


Code Pope
AI gets stuck following you through the gatehouse at the openings where you'd normally drop oil/rocks. You can also clip through the corner merlon between gatehouse and the lower right tower and get stuck while cheesing the AI.


Yeah, the AI in such scenario is extremely bad. The defenders are piling at the gate from the inside, attackers from the outside.. attackers archers are doing something, which looks like riverdance(they keep the line and move back and forward, well, they sometimes shoot too). Cavalry of attackers seems to be charging randomly(which means they are riding around aimlessly), eventually they end up at the gate tho, where they can be picked off. I was in the army of a nobleman, the nobleman kept barking at me orders which made no sense(we all were stuck inside the keep, and I was leading a cavarly unit, I was repeatedly ordered to charge, flank etc... while gate was closed). So that part seems to be just a loop which generates random orders during battle.

There should be a way for the defenders at least to open the gates when necessary. I had to hack through the inner gate at some point using my sword, but then there was outer gate, which was bit too tough for the sword, so I eventually had to jump over the wall to finish off the final attackers.. Even then it was also buggy, the fleeing attackers got stuck in the tents in the camp.


You can open the gates when defending. Just stand at the correct spot so that they are highlighted, and you have the option to open them by pressing F. That's the case with City battles, at least, don't know if it's different for castles.


OK, will check that later.. Although I am sure there was no (F) there, like other interactable items show, I just saw a "Gate" and its healthbar.. at least for me it didn't seem to be interactable with F. Maybe because I wasn't leader of the party? Still thanks for tip, gonna doublecheck that.


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