Captain Mode Troops RP Walk with 1.0

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Ever since 1.0 troops have no sense of urgency and RP walk all the time. Tell them to follow? Tell them to move? Tell them to fall back? They RP walk and neglect to fire, turn, fight back. It's a new broken feature. Please fix, it's very annoying. It's broken another aspect of the game completely.


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Overall I don't think I actually hate the "manners" concept for Captain Mode, but yeah it need some work still. It does make use of formations relevant/interesting/important in melees.

Specifically though, Falling-Back-Fire with Skirmishers is now pretty much impossible, as they just strut very nonchalantly back a few paces before veeeeeery slowly wheeling around to throw a javelin in his neighbor's head or 10 meters above the head of an opponent.

I think it may have actually improved Hammer and Anvil play with Cavalry when mashing F1 though. Much easier to consistently set up charges with Knights without them just randomly running all over the map.

Certain Orders/Formations should have some ability to change the degree of "manners" in the pathfinding. Fallback specifically should say **** your manners, its time to go or we'll die. If the Scatter formation ignored manners entirely it could give it an actual game function.
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