Cant start black mace quest


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I have attempted The Black Mace but seem to have encountered an issue in which the Polish kingdom will not be replaced by my rebellion.

The original kingdom has no lands, and their nobles are nowhere to be found. Our rebellion consists of my character and Hetman Jan Sobieski, in addition to Radziwill, who only exists as a character in the palace at Lublin. (He left my party when I granted him the town and does not exist as an army.)

I have read the Templar Records and know the location of the Radziwill crypt. I need Radziwill on the throne to continue the quest line, but I do not think that it will happen.

I enjoy this game without the faction quest lines, so I will likely avoid them in the future. I mean, I was happily pursuing a career among the Cossacks and maxing out the town of Sich prior to being prompted to take up Radziwill's cause in the story. :smile: