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Need More Info Cant finish Mainquest as Kingdom destroying the Empire cuz last empire not defeatable Beta 1.2

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After the next Stage in mainquest triggers when the Empire factions down too 4 fiefs.

The western Empire was already dead with no fiefs killed by me. The southern Empire was down too zero fiefs not by me but by an joint project by the northern Empire, Aserei and Khergit. Then i was at war with the northen Empire it was down to 4 fiefs 2 towns and 2 castles imho when the next main quest stage started. The northern Empire was also at war with the Khergit.

While the already no fiefs!!! West and Southern Empire get fast too the 100 % stage. I noticed that after the Khergit take one of the Towns left for the north the warscore with the northern Empire get down to -100 for me. I didnt cared to much at that point and fighting down the rest of there fiefs. Now the quest warscore for em stayed alltimes somewhere between +70 and +90. All of there tiny Armys packed arround Diathma and it didnt matter how much of there troops i kill take prisoner i cant move the bar to the nec.+100. And thanks to the system they also come back after a while cuz you cant take them in prison for ever. I even tryed to execute there leaders it didnt matter all it does is totaly worsen my relationship with everyone in the world.

But I also would like to question the logic behind the mainquest at this point cuz when you have the empire down to 4 fiefs then it is an already dead men walkin. The then triggered quest stage of peacing em out one by another even empire factions that have no fiefs make no sense to me.

So i cant do anything about it imho the problem starts with the failed calculation as the khergit take lyacon of em. That lead somehow to the point that my starting point for the warscore with the north wasnt 0 but instead -100 and its simple not possible to get it to +100 from there?

Imho when an faction has no fiefs left it should get autokilled after some time by the game. I mean i started my playthrough by getting rid of the Vlandians but good old dethert and his family still arround somewhere there getting beaten up by the bandits regulary and thats it, same goes for the Battavians and the Sturgians.
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Community Support
Hello, thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, we were not able to respond to this topic when this topic first created.
We believe that this issue might have been fixed since the creation of this topic. If you are still experiencing this issue on the latest live or beta versions of the game at the moment please leave a reply to this topic so that we can forward this issue to the team for investigation.
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