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cancelling grindy,annoying stuff/improving other aspects.

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1.Abolish food usage of troops from my inventory, only gold to upkeep troops is enough, it gets so annoying with big party sizes.
2.Abolish Day/Night cycles. Its nighttime in the game when you dont play :smile:
3.Add quick recruit option for npc heroes, who wants to hear the boring story for the 5th time like: "our village was raided and i fled to the mountains.... bla ba".
4.Add the "go and gather recruits" command for your party members. Its so damn grindy to wander around and gather troops. I want to be able to delegate this like "go and recruit 40 vlandian recruits". I'm the boss after all, and the job of bosses is to delegate stuff :grin:
5.Add pre battle options like "form wagon/carriage fort" or wooden stakes for defense.
6. Add catapults and ballistas on batlefields too, it should be expensive be nerfed, slow reload,less accuracy and limited ammo (for ballistas too).
7 Add troop customization, it would improve the replaying fun of the game tremendously when we can create own troops with specific weapons and armor. People would love to experiment with it.
8. Add bodyguards. you can choose men in your troop list to act as your bodyguard, these men always follow you and only attack very close enemies, without the need to press anything at every battle,(Imagine this with number 7, you could create ultraheavy diehard bodyguards with gilded armor:xf-cool:
9.Talking of armor: it needs to be buffed significantly imo.
10. Option to zoom out in battles/sieges and command troops like in total war,
11.More specific orders and formations: "archers please only shoot at this area". Rigid formations, my circle or square formation seems to move when enemy moves around and thus diminishing the advantage of these formations. More formation options: shieldwall with 2handed spearmen or archers/crossbowmen behind, or pavise wall formation for crossbowmen that can stick the pavise shields in front of them for cover and shoot (good luck archers:grin:), to balance this: nerf crossbow reload speed...
12. Weapon slots/sheath change: polearms, long bows crossbows, 2 handed weapons shouldn't be sheathable. Only 1 weapon slot for non-sheathable weapons, 1 weapon slot for sheathable 1handed weapons and 1 weapon slot only for dagger/knife.
13. Quicker attack speed and "critical hit" perk for daggers. In combination with numer12, this would make daggers really useful,


I still hope this technology exists. It can obviously increase the sense of game immersion, and I think the night is not invariable. Maybe there will be a rendering mechanism to make the night have the brilliance of the moon? Or dark clouds cover the moon, at least increasing the change, don't they?
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