Can you still somehow upgrade bandits without the leadership perk?

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So it seems to me (maybe this was included in a recent patch) that you can't upgrade bandits anymore by putting them in a castle or a city and waiting a day or two.
I watched a video on YT where somebody wrote a comment saying you should still be able to upgrade bandits by passing them over to a clan member's party, waiting, and they should upgrade them for you.
I tried it and it didn't work either.
So my question is, as the title states, is there still any way to upgrade bandits into elite units without the 125 leadership perk?

The reason I am particularly interested in this is because after the recent patch where they decreased the initial landowners' power, I just almost never come across any noble recruits anymore.
I think in my current playthrough around 7 years have already passed and still, the Battanian villages almost never spawn any archers (in the first 2-3 columns).


no, not that i know and its not anymore the disciplinarian 125 perk, now its the thrustfull comander or so, 150 perk.


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Giving to clan a party shouldn't work unless the clan member actually has the veteran's respect perk, which is unlikely now. I haven't tried putting them into garrisons or clan party on 1.5.8 beta yet, but if it did work again it would get patched out soon.

It's been several versions now since it was fixed.


I've left recruits in my garrison for like 5-10 in game years now and they were never upgraded. Does that mechanic still work in 1.5.7?
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