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I'm making a mod where the speed on the campaign map is greatly decreased, as is the spotting distance of other parties and such. This has required some balances to other variables like army cohesion decline etc.

I was wondering how many of you might be interested in this mod and should I upload it at some point?

The benefits of this mod is that the map becomes a lot larger relatively speaking, there are far less constant battles that might become tedious for some players, and winning or losing battles becomes more important. I've also always enjoyed exploring a map, and in Mount and Blade the map is completely open pretty much from the start. With these tweaks, it takes time and planning to go on longer voyages and such, and the need to stop and resupply is needed more as well. Personally since I have been using this mod, I have not left the kingdom I have joined too many times. As an example, a war started on the other side of the kingdom, and it took me a while to get there, and join in an important battle, and then make my way back home. I found this to be really enjoyable, compared to the very speedy movement that is in the vanilla, where you can reach any part of the map really quickly.
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