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No, I didn't use any mods.


hello, none of the subcategories seem to be fitting the bugs i have to report so i guess i'm posting here.

first bug : in siege deployment phase, transferring troops to another "command group" ( like transferring your cav units to your infantry group bound to the key 1 ) causes the UI to disappear, making it so you're unable to do anything else, even start the siege, so you have to reload and start the siege with the unit groups the AI made for you. ( although transferring units to another group post deployment phase doesn't cause any bugs )

2nd bug : when one of your companions gets captured and then escapes you wait for a bit and then you can start a new party with him as the leader from the clan tab, but if it's your brother you can never do that because " this hero is busy with a quest ", i guess it's related to the fact i still have the dragon banner quest ( got the 3 pieces, just have to go and talk to the NPCs ) and i'm not finishing it because i'm not ready to start a kingdom i think. the only workaround is to go where he is, take him to the party and then you can start a new party with him as the leader. it can very much be a problem when he spawns in a city far away and you got cities to defend.

Sorry for my poor english !
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