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BUG Ennemy jump in water and get stuck down into the drakkar

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This is pretty annoying sometimes your character is like walking on water (getting near the ennemy makes you going up, i had a spear) to try hit the ennemy, most of the time you can kill it or a npc can but it takes time. I had also much problem to gives orders but this is maybe due to my old computer and got pretty much lag with this first "big" battle. Little optimisation could be really nice !!!

I would like to add a small request ??? Are the guys from Doccinga that matcho that they send their women in first line ?


The warriors of the town shoud be in front and the civilians in arms in the back, only the archers, the farmers with ranged weapon should be in front  on that side and not the women :???: My finn archers are in the back i can't change their position before battle.

This DLC is really good so don't despair with all that bugs !!!


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Thank you for encourage. Bugs will be soon fixed and I hope you enjoy with storyline!

About women in doccinga, they are deffeding their homes  :grin:
Oh yes they defend they're children :oops: (this is not a big deal, i did this battle maybe ten times and 9/10 the women where in first line) !!! The DLC is great anyways so much fun in naval battles, navigate is simple and fun !!! The storyline is great too. The battles are working pretty good maybe the run speed should be reduce a little but not so.

I had a lag due to perf problems i was at 116 % but i lowered my  graphic settings to reach 125% and i can play normally no more battle lag. I have pretty old computer (7 years) Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 8 Go RAM 3 Ghz Nvidia GTX 560 64 bits !

Little other detail things i've noticed, routed ennemies map icons is a warrior on a horse, some drakkars got farmers as a crew slave trader ships have more slaves than slavers and it is so easy to raid: i raided 3 slaves ships with just my first ship and they where only five by boat :mrgreen:
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