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When a gang leader asks you to retrieve some associates from bounty hunters, currently it is a generic hideout raid.
I would like to see some variation and depth to this.
Firstly, the bounty hunters aren't always bandits, they could be official legal bounty hunters whom you can attack or negotiate/persuade, or a large group of peasants who are after the bounty money and have cornered the men in their village.
The setting should not be a hideout, but sometimes in a village, sometimes an abandoned shack, sometimes a cave. In any case you corner the bounty hunters and if you cannot negotiate a release with them by either bartering or persuasion, you can attack them.
If you attack them the tied up gang members are in the scene and are kill-able, you have to defeat the enemy in a relatively small space without harming said 'victims' and before any desperate bounty hunters turn on them.
The reward would be scale-able to how many survive and get their freedom.

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GG Cannon

I like this. AND I also think there should be a way for you to be the bounty hunter as well.
Like, you could receive a bounty quest from a new notable inside the tavern and need to go to X Town or village and defeat some specific guys guys and then go back to the quest givers to collect the bounty.
In the meanwhile, on the way back, a party would spawn somewhere on the map until and hunt you until you deliver the quest back to the quest giver.
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