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...Nuove info su questo nuovo videogame ( che ricordo non e' della serie M&B ma che usa l'engine di "M&B wFaS" su licenza della TW ) prese da due interviste su "the Pirates Ahoy!" e "RipTen":...
Bromden said:
Here's a Q&A with Snowbird from the Pirates Ahoy! website. Link

We have received a reply from Snowbird, they have graciously answered every question that I sent in. Thanks to all of you, there were a total of 36. I would like to personally thank Vladimir Tortsov, Alexander Souslov and the entire Snowbird team for their efforts! It was very much a pleasure dealing with this fantastic team, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by several of the answers that we have received! Ok, ok enough of the platitudes, here are their answers!

1. Is Caribbean a mod for Mount & Blade,? Or is it going to a be a full stand alone game based on the M&B Engine?

It’s a stand-alone game based on an improved version of M&B and With Fire And Sword engine.

2. Will there be a fully implemented economic and trading system in the game?

The implementation of trading is consistent with the way it was done in M&B. Of course, there is a brand new set of raw resources and trade goods specific to our setting.

3. What will be the options for modding the game after the initial release?

Since M&B always was an extremely modder-friendly game, we plan to publish the module system sourcecode after release, thus allowing users to develop their own mods.

4. What is the intention of this game on the subject of realism vs. more arcadey gameplay? What is the target audience?

The intention is the golden mean and ultimately fun :smile: Some aspects of naval realism, such as ships taking hours to get up close and personal, or wounds taking months to heal, we are happy to omit. But naturally, we do borrow from reality wherever and in whatever form it might benefit the gameplay. For instance, contrary to reality, you can sail upwind - however, you will be slowed down greatly; whereas sailing downwind provides a massive boost to speed.

5. What type of swordfighting can we expect to see? Eg. hack-and-slash, filmic scenes or something more strategic and slow-paced?
On boardings, will you be able to use the environment to your advantage?
Can you climb into the rigging and have a swordfight on a yardarm like seen in many pirate movies?

The swordplay mechanics didn’t change from M&B or WFAS. The rigging is inaccessible, unfortunately, but you can use various obstacles to crouch or take cover behind while exchanging musket fire.

6. How much reloading will there be between scenes? Eg. will there be reloading between the sea battles and the boarding scenes?
Will the boarding scenes use the actual ship models? Can you walk around on your ship yourself?

Boarding scenes are separate from naval combat, yes, and take a few seconds to load. They do use the actual ship models (and even the presence of other ships involved in the preceding naval battle), with the damage carried over from naval battle reflected in their looks. And yes, there is an option to visit the deck of your vessel outside combat.

7. How is navigating from island-to-island handled? Will there be a worldmap or can you sail in "3D sailing mode" between islands?

There is a topdown world map we traverse, both on land and on sea. We are working on introducing brand new map graphics, remodeling all the environment separately from the basic, tiled map and adding these models as overlay.

8. Will the player be able to command fleets of more than one ship? If so, how big are the fleets we can expect to see and command?

Yes! From his flagship, the player can lead a flotilla of multiple vessels, captained by his companions. The maximum number of ships in his fleet depends on his character stats, but you can expect no less then six. The follower ships are not controlled directly, however, they move and fight by their own, following indirect orders like “form a line of battle” or “use chainball ammunition”.

9. Will the player be able to have other characters and officers join his party?
Will these characters have different personality traits that can trigger unexpected random events making the freeplay more interesting?

Absolutely. There is a pack of NPCs of all nationalities and backgrounds to meet and recruit into your party as faithful comrades-in-arms and subordinate ship captains. Some examples include Bogdan, a stray cossack whose rowdy life has led him first to France as a mercenary and then to the Americas; and Lamore, a Maltese knight sent by the Grandmaster of the Knights Hospitaller to scout the New World for a possibility to establish a local chapter of the Order. And yes, there is a set of random events triggered by the presence of one NPC or another in the player’s party.

10. Will you be able to attack forts and towns from both sea and land? If so, would there be land battles as well?
On land, would it be possible to control "vehicles", such as horses and carriages?

You can attack towns from both land and sea, yes. During naval assault, you have to overcome the fortifications and batteries guarding the harbor in the naval battle mode, which results in your landing force being deposited inside the assaulted city and pitted against a much depleted garrison.

There are no carriages in the game, as for horses, how could a game based on the famed Mount & Blade engine possibly omit them? :smile:

11. How much of the gameplay will be scripted storylines and quests and how much will be random events?
Can you give us more details on the "political intrigues"? That sounds intriguing.

There is no scripted story this time, the game is a “do what thou wilt” sandbox leaving you free to pick sides and set goals. The political engine was improved significantly from WFAS, the system for kingdom creation and government is completely reworked.

12. Will it be possible to play as a privateer in the service of a nation, or join a national navy as well as being a pirate?

Yes. We are currently implementing a concept of privateering, which involves purchasing a letter of marquee from a particular faction permitting to attack the fleets and possessions of some nation they are at war with, while staying a technically neutral party. Without it, an unaligned adventurer making a hostile move against some state or another is regarded as having engaged in a foul act of piracy, which is despised by every faction. Of course, the Brotherhood of the Coast is somewhat exempt from this mechanic, but they aren’t fond of outsiders ruining their business either.

And naturally, joining a faction full-time or trying to forge a kingdom of your own are always an option.

13. How big will be the game world? How many islands will there be? Is there any mainland too?
How big are the islands and how different will the islands be from each other?

The gameworld spans from Barbados to the coast of Mexico east-west, and from Florida and the Bahamas to the northern coast of Venezuela north-south, including most of the significant islands in the area. There is a total of about 30 major settlements.

The islands generally share the tropical climate and wildlife native to the area. Of course, some areas are better developed with fields and plantations all over, while others are relatively untouched tropical jungles.

14. Will there be a day-night cycle system?

Yes, just like in M&B and WFAS. At night, the visual range of all parties on the global map is greatly reduced.

15. Will the game have weather effects, which could actually affect the gameplay mechanic?

The wind plays a significant role during naval combat, its strength and direction affecting the speed of the ships. Other stuff, like storm or absolute calm, are implemented as random events to deal with.

16. Will the NPCs have a life, i.e. sleeping, eating, doing daily chores etc.

That is beyond the scope of the game, I guess :smile:

17. Will there be historical persons like Bartholomew Roberts, Henry Morgan, Jean Bart, Samuel Bellamy, and other well known pirates and privateers?

Morgan and the Black Bart are in, along with many others such as L’Olonnais and Michel de Grammont. Not just the buccaneers, the captains and governors of other factions are historical characters as well, such as Bertrand d’Ogeron, Michiel de Ruyter and Christopher Myngs. We have even used the genuine portraits (or at least some widely recognized imagery) of theirs as a reference for their looks.

18. Will the ships be correctly depicted and will the emphasis be put on the rigging and small details like fixing of gun port tackle lids and canons?

We have used extensive blueprint sets for every ship model in the game. Of course, some stuff had to be sacrificed to the tyranny of polygon count, but we like the end result.

19. Will the final game also feature scabbards with hangings and holsters, like in the first screenshots?

We intend to keep them :smile:

20. Will the rifles have belts for carrying?


21. Will there be besides flintlocks also matchlocks and wheellocks?

Yes, and miquelet locks too! And doglocks. And snaphances.

22. Will there be combination weaponry?

Yes, we plan to add a significant number of unique combined weapons, such as musket-halberd and pistol-axe.

23. Will the game feature correct and therefore LONG reloading animations for firearms and canons?

I am afraid fun trumps realism in here. And spending several minutes on reloading your musket is *not* fun, as far as we are concerned :smile:

23. Will there be different kinds of ammunition like chainshots and hotshots?

Yes, three types to be precise - regular balls that primarily damage ship hulls, chainballs to lay waste to the rigging and shrapnel to decimate the crew.

25. Will the bodies disappear before the players eye?s (A NO is the right answer)

Depends on your graphical settings :smile: If your GPU is capable of displaying dozens of ragdolls at once, you can turn it up to the max. If not, well, something will have to be sacrificed for performance.

26. Will there be a realistic amount of smoke produced, after firing firearms?

We’ll keep it toned down somewhat, as fighting in a thick cloud of smoke where you can’t see your own hands isn’t particularly exciting.

27. Will there be a self-healing system? (A NO is the right answer)

The characters and soldiers do get better with time; but they can’t cast a “Cure Light Wounds” on themselves :smile: There is an option to fix some damage to your ship’s hull or sails over time if you have enough wood and linen in your inventory, though.

28. Will there be recoil and misfire?


29. How many different ship models will there be?

There are several different models, ranging from a single-mast sloop to the majestic ship of the line. They represent over 30 actual ship types, from armed boats and schooners to 1st rate ships of the line and Manila galleons, each with its own set of attributes such as speed, maneuverability, crew size and maximum armament.

30. exactly what years will the game cover?

“Second half of XVII century” is the best estimate we may give :smile: Yes, there is some stuff and people from 1640s and from 1690s peacefully coexisting together. We believe being particularly pedantic about this issue would diminish the experience greatly.

31. Water! Do the ships roll with the waves?


32. Ships! How many and how realistic?

See 29b.

33. How many islands could we expect to see? Will we have access to what today would be considered Florida? How much of South America will we have access to?

See 13b.

34. Will there be a storyline to follow or will it be mostly open ended with little story?

As far as the story is concerned, we opted to return to the original open-world sandbox gameplay. In the immortal words of Julian LeFay,“The story is what you decide to make it” :smile:
35 What kind of interaction can we expect with NPC's? Will they just be random quest givers or can we expect something more?

For the most part, the NPCs are there to provide the player with various services, not to have a life of their own. However, the quests they give can be of various nature...

36. How did they get the idea to make a ship based expansion. are they related to the other Caribbean game in development for M&B which previously announced or is this a new development.

After With Fire and Sword, the team wished to take the series further and move the action westward - from the steppes of Ukraine to the shores of the Great Lakes. As kids, we all totally loved the Westerns of East German making and worshipped Fenimore Cooper’s novels about Hawkeye and his comrade Chingachgook. So, we wanted to do a sort of tribute to the heroes of our collective childhood. And a game about Great Lakes is ought to have river transportation, with the player being able to build pirogues and sail them over the rivers and lakes.

We’ve built a small test map featuring canoe-riding Indians attacking an English fort from water - the English fired cannons and could sink enemy boats with direct hits. Just for laugh, someone offered to supply the poor Iroquois with a couple of canoe-mounted cannons of their own, so they would fire back. And then, it was only one step to full-scale naval battles. Having decided to get back to our beloved Indians, scalps and Beaver wars later, we moved the setting to where the fleets could really rule the day - the Caribbean archipelago.
Bromden said:
Here's another Q&A from a website called RipTen. It mostly covers the same things, and not as thorough as the PA! one, but it tells us that Snowbird aims for a release this fall.

We got word about a new pirate-themed game based on the Mount and Blade engine titled Caribbean! a couple of weeks ago. While the combination of those two things instantly got me excited, there didn’t seem to be much coverage from English-speaking press. Since I was unsatisfied with reading pages translated by Google, I had to send some questions out to developer Snowbird Games Studio to see what exactly players and I should expect from their new title. Press-attache Vladimir Tortsov was kind enough to respond and answer them. Here’s the interview.

Erandi Huipe: For those who don’t know, what is Caribbean!?

Vladimir Tortsov: It’s a naval action-RPG based on Mount & Blade technology. The project is set in the Caribbean region as the XVII century draws to a close. Whereas Sweden, Poland and Muscovy fought over domination in the Eastern Europe, kingdoms of the West raced against each other in their exploration of the New World. The player will take the role of an adventurer coming from Europe to the Americas in a quest for glory and riches. Everyone familiar with Sid Meier’s Pirates! would recognize the general idea at once: you can serve one of the colonial empires, try to get rich through trading, or raise the “Jolly Roger” and rob anyone who comes across.

EH: Why did you guys choose a pirate theme for your game?

VB: Having released With Fire and Sword the team wished to take the series further and move the action westward – from the steppes of Ukraine to the shores of the Great Lakes. And a game about Great Lakes ought to have river transportation, with the player being able to build pirogues and sail them over the rivers and lakes. We’ve built a small test map featuring canoe-riding Indians attacking an English fort from water – the English fired cannons and could sink enemy boats with direct hits. Just for laugh, someone offered to supply the poor Iroquois with a couple of canoe-mounted cannons of their own, so they would fire back. And then, it was only one step to full-scale naval battles. Having decided to get back to our beloved Indians, scalps and Beaver wars later, we moved the setting to where the fleets could really rule the day – the Caribbean archipelago.

EH: How will the theme affect the gameplay?

VB: Mmm, I guess that ‘dramatically’ is the right word. For the first time in a history of M&B-based projects there will be realistic naval battles simulation, spectacular boarding fights, seaside sieges and the West European factions fighting over the region.

EH: Why did you decide to work with the Mount and Blade engine?

VB: The Mount & Blade engine maybe isn’t the prettiest or the most powerful technology in the world, but it has exactly what we need – great flexibility and a superior simulation of the melee fights and horse-riding. Our team was familiar with M&B engine since we’ve developed Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword and we were really impressed by its possibilities. I must admit that we considered the possibility of using another engine for Caribbean! development, but at the end of a day we decided to use M&B technology, which better suits our needs.

EH: I associate the Mount and Blade engine with that game’s deliberate, methodical, melee combat. Will this be reflected in Caribbean!’s swashbuckling or did you guys decide to go another route?

VB: Absolutely! We don’t want to fix something which isn’t broken and M&B’s combat system is the one thing which makes the whole series so popular. The only thing that is changing significantly is the balance between melee weapons and the firearms (the same thing applies for With Fire & Sword) – in Caribbean! you can’t feel completely safe even wearing the best heavy armor available, because a single lucky musket shot could kill you at once. Not to mention the heavy artillery, which is also introduced on the Caribbean! battlefields.

EH: Speaking of combat, I’m particularly excited about the idea of ship-to-ship battles. How will that be handled from a player’s perspective? What camera perspective will battles be fought from and how will a fleet with multiple ships be controlled?

VB: The ships will be controlled using the familiar WASD-scheme, the camera can be rotated freely around the ship for the best possible angle. The player will be able to control only his flagman ship, while the other vessels of his fleet will be controlled automatically (but he’ll able to give them orders to move in formation, fire or engage the boarding fight)

EH: How detailed will ship sailing be? Will players be expected to know how to tack and how to furl their sails in accordance with wind direction?

VB: The sailing will be realistic, but isn’t complicated at all. There will be 3 sails positions to choose from and the captain should switch between them in accordance with a battle situation and wind direction. Easy!

EH: What’s the narrative motivation for players in Caribbean!?

VB: Caribbean! will be a sandbox game, which means that there are no storyline rails whatsoever. We’ve experimented with the full-scale story campaign in Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword, but it didn’t work out totally as we expected. Thus, we’ve decided to return to the original concept of M&B series of ‘a lonely adventurer with a hole in his pocket, seeking fame & fortune on distant shores’ kind of thing.

As the player progresses in Caribbean!, he’ll become more powerful, influential and rich. The ultimate goal of the game will be the global domination of the chosen faction over the Caribbean region.

EH: One of things you mentioned in the press release announcing the game was that TaleWorlds Entertainment and Sich will be working closely with you. What have each of those studios brought to the table in helping develop Caribbean!?

VB: TaleWorlds are the developers of the original Mount & Blade and the creators of the game engine – therefore their participation in our project is really invaluable to us as they can always track the source of any technical issue. As you can imagine we had quite a lot of the technical restraints in the very beginning – making a game about naval adventures based on the technology which wasn’t created for this purpose specifically isn’t an easy task. However, with the help of TaleWorlds specialists we were able to overcome these issues.

Sich studio are the creators of Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword game and we know each other for a long time already. They’re talented modders and programmers and their experience and knowledge of M&B engine is something that we’re happy to use for Caribbean!

EH: While I don’t like to make generalizations, Eastern European and Russian games that gain popularity over here in America seem to have behind them the design principle of making the player work hard for every accomplishment. The recent iterations of King’s Bounty, Metro 2033, Digital Combat Simulator, and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series are a few examples of this. Why do you think that particular design choice is made so often amongst games from that region and why do you think it’s those that make an impression in America? Or am I completely off-base?

VB: Well, there is definitely such thing as the Eastern European school of games development. Here in the East we have the strong traditions of hardcore PC gaming and e-sports. Many Russian and Ukrainian developers are sharing this passion for the complicated (and sometimes even over complicated) games. I’m not sure about the reasons of it, though – maybe it has something to do with our mentality – ‘ no pain – no gain’ sort of thing.

Speaking of the Caribbean! game – I don’t think that this one is a perfect example of this pattern. The original Mount & Blade was created by Turkish studio TaleWorlds and they managed to preserve a fragile balance between hardcoreness and simplicity. We’re trying to keep this formula ‘Fun comes before the realism’ for the Caribbean! game as well. It means that we’re keen on keeping the game interesting at every stage of a player’s progress without making his life too easy or too complicated.

EH: I’m really excited to get my hands on the game. When can I and others expect to play it?

VB: You don’t have to wait TOO long – we’re aiming for the late fall of 2012.

Caribbean! will be available on PC this fall.

Si rigrazia Brobden per la segnalazione !

N.B.:...chi fosse interessato puo' seguire questa ed altre notizie a questo link:...

N.B.B.:...non trattandosi di una mod sposto in "Sezione Generale"...



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...Ecco un'intervista, non ufficiale, su "With Fire and Sword 2: The Caribbean!" fatta a Imper1um dev (credo) della "Snowbird Game Studios":...
lolwarrior said:
Here are some things I got confirmed from pm's with Imper1um a while ago:

- Multiple ships versus multiple ships - yes.

- Multiple ways to board enemy ships - we're planning to do this one.

- Able to deploy small boats that you can use for transferring from ship to ship - you'll be able to set any ship of your fleet through a special screen but not during the fight.

- Climb up the sails - no, but you'll be able to look through telescope and *maybe* control the steering wheel

- Bots using cannons - yep.

- Ships with multiple levels - ship have classes and can be upgraded with better cannons and more experienced crew. Ship's HP and speed are getting better from class to class.

- Able to fire canons personally with avatar or give orders to crew to broadside - yep

- Maybe sword in one hand and pistol in other? - No, we can't do that on the current engine unfortunately.

- Animated flags that move with the wind - yes

- Able to custom paint your fleet - you can set customizable flags for your ships.

- Bring back Warband features - we'll probably make some kind of tournaments suitable for the era.

- Expand on marriage - marriages don't make much sense in the pirate setting but we'll probably work around that.

- Ships that have multiple stories - by that I mean that you can use stairs or ladders to go to deck or the bottom - yeah, you can do it during boarding.

- Ships that rock with the waves - yep.

- Fishing as in a minigame??  - maybe but not for sure.

N.B.:...qui torvate il post originale:...



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...Ecco un'altro link utile da cui prendere info sul nuovo titolo, dalla sezione internazionale di wFaS:...



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...Nuove interviste, immagini e logo per "WFAS 2: The Caribbean!":...

Hey guys, I've got some answers from Snowbird themselves! Enjoy this small interview. :smile:

1) Will servers have the option to have more than 64 players?

We can’t say for sure about the number of players in the land battles for now, we need to run some tests before that. Fleet vs fleet multiplayer modes obviously will allow fewer players to join than other modes.

2) What game modes will there be available on launch?

Apart from a singleplayer campaign there will be few multiplayer modes such as land battles, sieges, boarding fights and fleet vs fleet battles.

3) Will there be any external testing, if so, do you have an estimated date?

We want to do it right after the closed beta-testing, but we can’t give you an estimate right now, sorry.

4) Will swimming be included?

Nope, it doesn’t really add much to the gameplay, so it’s highly recommended NOT to go by the board. 

5) How many factions will there be available for multiplayer?

There are same 5 factions as the ones in a singleplayer campaign: the Spanish empire, England, France, the Netherlands and the Brotherhood of the Coast.

6) What is the estimated time for releasing the module system?

The module system will be available close to the game release.

7) Will there be a variety of firearms and locks?

There are all kinds of pistols, muskets, carbines and blunderbusses, using a wide selection of locks (from oldest matchlocks to newest flintlocks, with snaphances, miquelet locks etc in between), including some twin-barrel models. They are very powerful, and some of them are fairly accurate as well.

8.) Will firearms be any different in terms of reloading/accuracy from Fire and Sword?

It will be slightly different depending on the type of weapon. Obviously, you need less time to reload your pistol, but the accuracy on the long distance will suffer if compare it to musket.

9) Will your upcoming game use the (modified) Fire and Sword engine or Napoleonic Wars engine?

We’re started the development of Caribbean! with a basic version of WFAS engine, but in first 7 months so many improvements were made and features were added, that right now we can talk about Caribbean! engine (which is, of course, is a proud descendant of  Mount & Blade technology)

10) Will we see the return of Captain battle modes?

Yes, we’re going implement this mechanic from With Fire & Sword to Caribbean!

11) Will there be some sort of artillery which we can use (siege mode for example)?

Yes, players will be able to use heavy artillery to destroy walls while besieging the fortresses or against enemy soldiers during the land battles.

12) On which distribution platforms can we look forward this being released to?

We will try to put Caribbean on as many digital distribution platforms as possible (Steam is a must). We’re also thinking about retail releases in some territories.

13) Will there be official press releases with trailers in the future?

Absolutely. We’re already working on the official site of the game and the gameplay trailer.

14) Any release date you can give to us?

We only can say “This Fall’ for now. Stay tuned for our updates.

I would like to thank Snowbird for their time answering the questions, much appreciated!

Caribbean! is Mount and Blade with pirates, or at least that’s what I’d be telling everyone if I was making it. To learn more about what the game will actually include, how naval combat will be implemented and what kind of rum cocktails should be consumed while playing, I buried a list of questions in a treasure chest and gave a map marked with the location to producer Alexander Souslov. His responses, stuffed in a bottle, were floating in my bathtub this morning. Among other things, I found out that the governor’s daughter isn’t quite the catch I’d been led to believe.

RPS: Hello. Let’s get straight to the important issues. Is the exclamation mark in the title an intentional reference to Sid Meier’s Pirates! or are you just incredibly excited about the game?

Souslov: The excitement we feel about pirates and the very institute of piracy is next to impossible to overstate. Thus, we were going for three exclamation marks at first (the PR guy’s note: disregard the “we” part, all this is written by our producer Alexander who always tends to present his silly ideas as our collective opinion). Then we realized that wouldn’t be fair towards Pirates! – if Sid Meier himself settled with one exclamation mark, who we are to claim the whole three of them?

RPS: Does the title of the game have to be shouted?

Souslov: That’s not necessary. The long, rolling “Rrrrrr”, on the other hand, is mandatory!

RPS: What other games would be improved by having an exclamation mark at the end of their title – I find it hard to say Doom without implying one, for instance.

Souslov: Good question! Really, we have just spent the entire two hours thinking of titles that would benefit from one (the PR guy’s note: actually, Alexander did. He kept distracting us yelling “Tetrrrrrris! Rrrred Alert! Marrrrrioooo!” while laughing maniacally. He must be impressed with his own sense of humor, indeed). Which leads us to a massive problem in the modern game industry – that is, the prevalence of sequels. Fine, you can add an explanation mark to Doom. But how about Doom 4? “Doom 4!”, no? “Far Cry 3!”, “God of War 5!”? Now add those horrible subtitles supposed to explain something or add a touch of mystery: “Spec Ops: The Line 3!”, anyone?

RPS: Why pirates?

Souslov: That must be obvious, pirates are almost communists, and we here in the former Eastern Bloc just love anything communist. Perhaps we were ought to call it Caribbean Comrades!, but that would make an impression of a game about Che Guevara and the Castro brothers, and we’re pretty concerned about the US market.

In all seriousness, we have to blame the old boy Fenimore Cooper. After the performances given by Johnny Depp, getting involved with the pirates would be what Dostoevsky and Nabokov referred to as “poshlost” – thus, no pirates ever, that’s what we decided after With Fire and Sword was out. Let’s make our next project a game about the Great Lakes, about the trappers and the Iroquois, about Indian massacres and the scalping of the stupid palefaces. That was our plan.

Naturally, if we’re going Great Lakes, the game has to feature pirogues. We’ve built a level with the Iroquois assaulting an English fort across a lake, but the redcoats had some cannons and kept sinking the poor Americans (the native ones, that is) to a man. Just for laughs, we then put some cannons on the pirogues, allowing the Indians to fire back. One thing led to another, and we ended up with a 40-cannon frigate sailing in this lake. After that, coming to a thought of “well, maybe it will be the pirates after all?” was only a matter of time.

RPS: Do you want to present pirates as fun-loving booty grabbers, or are you interested in exploring the murderous criminal aspect as well?

Souslov: We hope to stick to the historical aspects of mid-XVII century buccaneer activity in the Caribbean and avoid the cinematic clichés, so, both extremes are highly unlikely. Then again, some of them did represent a murderous criminal par excellence.

RPS: What is Taleworlds role in development?

Souslov: TaleWorlds’ role is very important; the project wouldn’t be possible without the massive engine tweaking done by the Turkish side. We exchange ideas on interface, gameplay and visuals daily, and take TaleWorlds’ critique to heart.

RPS: Will historical pirates and/or other characters feature in the game and, if so, what role will they play?

Souslov: A plenty of them. Morgan, L’Olonnais, de Grammont; if he left a mark on the Caribbean, chances are high he is in. Same applies to the governors and captains of England, France, Spain and the Netherlands. We even model them all after their authentic, or at least widely recognized, portraits. You can also expect to meet a few famous fictional characters from that time and place. Their role in the game is essentially the same as the Mount & Blade’s kings and their vassals – they govern their towns, sail about on their fleets, do battle one another on land and sea, and from time to time band together to wreck some English colonies for the glory of Spain. Or the other way around. Or tell their respective Viceroy or Governor General to bite it, and go join the Brethren of the Coast.

RPS: Is it possible to marry the governor’s daughter?

Souslov: Christ, what’s this with an obsession to marry none other than a governor’s daughter? Why never a humble offspring of a plantation owner, or a fun-loving officer’s widow? We were asked this so many times we start to think it is something actually important. Did anyone ever consider the implications this wonderful marriage ceremony would have on his future life? You’d think somebody would let you go out into the sea, to slash pirates in twain and sample portside brothels? Yeah, right. How about, you spend the rest of your life ashore, attending receptions at your daddy-in-law’s palace and oppressing slaves on your sugarcane plantation. And you are still in luck if your governor of choice is French or Spanish, but how about an English puritan, with missionary sex once per month strictly for the purposes of procreation?

Fine, we will consider this feature

RPS: Is the game a sandbox or is there a plot to follow?

Souslov: Sandbox all the way! Frankly, making a plot-driven campaign wasn’t really our cup of tea. Considering how much time and efforts it eventually consumed, we wonder why didn’t we dump the idea straight away and implemented siege artillery instead. So, adventures in the Caribbean are fully open-ended. We do plan to implement a few short story arcs involving several quests each though, to flesh out the world.

RPS: How complex is the integration of naval combat into the Mount and Blade engine?

Souslov: Too complex. Actually, we spent a year and a half doing just that. Might have to do with our limited brain capability, but even the unlimited capability of the modding scene couldn’t solve the issue adequately yet. In the end, we’ve got some priceless assistance from the Turkish team, and the desperation of our own has pushed us forward. There was a time we were almost about to cancel the project, but eventually the solution was found and the bloody frigate started sailing and ceased neighing.

RPS: Will the player character age and therefore have a limit on his career, or can a player continue for as long as he likes?

Souslov: It would be fun to have a precise time scale, add marriages (even if with governor’s daughters, okay) and an ability to build a pirate dynasty. Kind of Mount & Blade meets Crusader Kings. But then the game would remain in development until 2017 or so, the Windows disks will only be sold in curio stores by the time. So, our character doesn’t grow old, and we can play him for as long as it remains fun.

RPS: How many types of ship feature in the game and are they customisable?

Souslov: There are over 30 ship types represented by nine base models – a sloop, a fluyt, a brigantine, different kinds of frigates and galleons, and so on. For customization, you can purchase bigger and better guns and train your crew. And, of course, pick your flag and rename your vessels.

RPS: How do you deal with damage and repairs? Is it possible for a ship to be crippled and then taken back to port?

Souslov: A vessel can suffer damage to its hull and its rigging and sails, depending on the ammunition used by the enemy. If you’re out of luck, the damage may trigger a massive fire, wrecking the ship further, while grapeshot will devastate the crew. You can repair your vessel right away if you have stored enough cloth and wood planks in your cargo hold, with a special character skill responsible for the speed and quality of repair works. If the skill is low and the supplies gone, you’ll have to employ a dry dock in a port.

RPS: What about crew, are they recruited as individuals or as generic members?

Souslov: As per M&B, we’ll have both unique characters to hire as officers, and hordes of nameless grunts. The soldiers under player’s command and the crews of his ships are separate entities, though. Moreover, the additional vessels in your fleet would need a captain you have to hire first.

RPS: Do they have skills that the player can develop?

Souslov: The officers possess the same kind of skills as the player’s character.

RPS: How does interaction with settlements work – does the player dock and then interact with buildings/people to access various functions?

Souslov: Yes, the settlement interaction is implemented via the town menu and conversations with professionals such as the shipwright or the garrison commander. For player-owned ports, there is going to be a kind of development tree, but not an overly complex one, we’re making a combat game rather than an economical simulation after all. New buildings are used to grant access to elite units, for instance.

RPS: Are sieges possible and if so what is the purpose? To extort money or to gain control?

Souslov: Both ways are available, if you have enough forces to handle them.

RPS: How do the mechanics for commanding a fleet work? Are captains selected and then allowed to act as they see fit during combat?

Souslov: In a naval battle, you only control your flagship; the rest of your vessels are controlled by their captains, that is, by AI. You can only give them some indirect commands, such as changing formation, like scatter or line of battle. Sometimes you can transfer command to another ship in the midst of battle though – for instance, having boarded an enemy vessel, you can select it as your new flagship while scuttling your old.

RPS: Will you implement various types of shot for cannons?

Souslov: Naturally, there will be chainballs to wreck the rigging and grapeshot to decimate the crew in addition to cannonballs. The artillery is available in wide selection of calibers as well, from humble sakers to mighty culverins.

RPS: Will land battles work as Mount and Blade veterans expect or are there changes there as well?

Souslov: Field battles won’t change that much. The only thing we consider is an ability to use field artillery if the player possesses it – in this case, a static battery will be deployed on the battlefield. Mobile artillery is probably out of the question. Obviously, the artillery can be used during sieges as well, to destroy walls and gates or to fire at the attackers.

RPS: Is it possible to become a privateer or pirate hunter or is freelance piracy the only role?

Souslov: Yes, it is possible to purchase a letter of marquee that permits you to attack a designated faction on behalf of another one without actually joining the later yet avoiding being branded a lawless scum universally hated by every power in the region. You don’t need one, of course, but attacking everybody left and right is a difficult path to success.

RPS: How about the different nations; will they fight each other and will the player be able to influence relations at all?

Souslov: Absolutely, the region is a battlefield between France, England, Spain, the Netherlands and the Brotherhood of the Coast. The player can assist any of them, with or without joining their ranks; or start a kingdom of his own.

RPS: At what point did the Pirates of the Caribbean films lose the plot, or jump the kraken?

Souslov: Well, that three-way fight in a wheel near the end of the second movie – that was a friggin’ circus.

RPS: What’s your favourite pirate movie?

Souslov: The 1991 soviet film adaptation of “Captain Blood: His Odyssey” (turn off the music though, it’s… weird). We like Master & Commander too – it’s not exactly about pirates, but the theme of wooden ships and iron men is dealt with splendidly.

RPS: Who is your favourite pirate?

Captain Kidd – he had the balls to drop a comfy life in New York and went freebooting, he honored the Codex, and ended up being hanged pretty much for no reason whatsoever.

RPS: And, finally, what is the official rum of Caribbean and do you have a preferred rum cocktail that you’d like to share with us?

Souslov: I guess we’re expected to praise the Cuban rum, but we’re above ideological prejudices and choose Mount Gay Eclipse. As for pirate cocktails, I suspect these gentlemen preferred their swill pure. Okay, here’s a simple one, the Caribbean Crisis: 30 grams of rum, 10 grams of Stolichnaya vodka, a slice of orange on the edge. Scream “Na zdorovie” before imbibing, gulp it whole, bite the orange.

RPS: Thanks for your time.


N.B.:...qui sotto tutti i tread originali da cui ho tratto le info:...
http://fireandsword.eu/forum/index.php?topic=76.msg522#new <--- Intervista presa dal "Forum non-ufficiale di wFaS"
http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/08/09/parley-of-the-land-caribbean-interview/ <--- Intervista presa da "RockPaperShotgun"
http://vk.com/caribbean_mount_and_blade <--- Social Group "VK" da cui sono state prese le immagini



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JabdiMelborn said:

...Finalmente ecco il primo GAMEPLAY VIDEO sul nuovo titolo "With Fire and Sword 2: The Caribbean!":...​
Ma c'è l'audio o cosa? O è un mio problema? o.o

vota dc

Sergeant Knight
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E' un video senza audio.
Comunque mod eheheh lo si capisce dalla demenza artificiale tipica della serie (l'alabardiere scemo che si accorge del giocatore dopo avergli fatto il girotondo)
Dato che guadagno 40 euro a settimana aspetto direttamente M&B 2.


Sergeant at Arms
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Sinceramente il video mi ha impressionato molto poco, prima di dare giudizi aspetto una fase più avanzata, o cmq vedere con gli occhi nuove meccaniche perchè mi sembra solo un M&B sul mare, ok è figo poter usare le navi, ma voglio evoluzioni globali...  :???:
A suo favore posso dire che ci si potrà aspettare magnifici mod sulle guerre navali di ogni epoca, complice il fatto che la presenza delle armi da fuoco semplificherà la vita a chi vorrà creare ambientazioni simil 1° o 2° Guerra Mondiale (quest'ultima in misura minore vista la mancanza di aerei e carri).


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...Release spostata al Q1 2013, come spiegato qui:...

Eador & Caribbean! moved to Q1 2013

Yes, we’ve just moved  both our games, Eador. Masters of the Broken World and Caribbean! to the beginning of 2013.

Why? First of all, we’d like to implement the multiplayer modes into both games properly, so the players will be able to fight each other online from the Day One. We want to spend more time on polishing both games, adding additional visual and sound effects, improving UI, etc. Finally, we want to launch a massive beta-testing of Caribbean! and Eador in 2012.

We hope that the long wait for our games will be offset by their outstanding quality and the tons of fun.

P.S. Due to the fact that we’ve already announced, that Eador will be released before Armageddon, the End of the World in December 2012 is officially cancelled.

N.B.:...qui trovate l'articolo originale:...



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...Ecco alcune news rilasciate da Alexander Suouslov dev di "WFAS2: Caribbean!":...
Alexander Souslov said:
Hello there,

thanks for your interest in our project guys. As Adorno and Jezze rightly guessed, we are limited with the team size and the budget, so a progress a bit slowly than we would like to have. Anyway, we are really close to the beta and I hope we can come up with the news quite soon.


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...Ecco un interessantissimo Q&A, basato sulle domande fatte dagli utenti del forum Taleworlds QUI e a cui Dan Spivakov ha risposto sul forum della Snowbird Game Studio:...
Hi guys!

Recently we asked people at TW forums give us a few questions about "Caribbean!" for a Q&A session. Here's what we got:

1.When does it come out and how much will I have to pay for it?

At the moment we’re planning to release the game in February 2013. Price is not decided yet but most likely it’ll be something around $15.

2.How do I join the beta?

Just send us a mail with submission. We’ll start accepting them in the second half of November.

3.I’m interested in how different would multiplayer ship battles be compared to the ones in singleplayer.

The main problem with boarding synchronization is when there are more than two players fighting. Other than that there are no substantial differences.

4.Will we be able to find full plate armors in the game? Such as one from the artistic piece shown in video?

Yes,sure. We strictly follow the “fun before realism” principle that was formulated by Sid Meier back in the days. Not quire sure if it was exactly him but surely one of the most respectable people in the industry who can be referred to for explaining why full plate armored men can be in the game about the pirate era. Why? Because it’s cool, that’s why! J

5.Are you able to put a number on server player limits yet? Will it be somewhere in between Warband and Napoleonic Wars?

We didn’t test the player limit yet. But just for the record, like Napoleon (the real one) we’re really fond of big battalions.

6.Naval combat during the pre-boarding stage functions as though the player him/herself was the ship, correct? (rather than running around on the deck in first person)

If you’re asking about possibility to run on the ship’s deck during the fight then initially we had the player controlling the ship when he walked up to the steering wheel. You could watch the ship from outside or from your character’s point of view. Later we removed this option as performance had dropped significantly. Still, the player can shoot from cannon himself before boarding starts, he’ll have time for that.

7.Once a boarding action takes place (I assume we go first or third person then?), what are the objectives? Do we need to kill the entire crew, occupy some part of the ship, or what?

In the working build we have right now there’s only one goal which is “kill them all”. We’re thinking of another option – capturing control points. Not sure if it’ll add something to the fun element but we’ll see.

8.If we capture more ships than we have available commanders for, do we get the option to scuttle one of our current ships and keep a captured one instead?

Yes, of course. Player chooses what he wishes to do with a ship. Make it your flagship, sink it, add it to the squadron or delete the old ship and keep the captured new one.

9.Should a player gain control of a town, are we able to store extra ships there?

It’s a good question and could be a great feature, we’ll think about that. For now a player can only captures towns like in original M&B.

10.Will there be hidden treasures and maps?


11.Apart from the factions already mentioned in interviews, what kind of parties will the player meet? Deserters, bandits etc.? And is there any option to recruit or join these; or other interactions with them?

Some small forces of buccaneers and bandits will be on the map, that’s for sure. Interaction with them boils down to mutual murder attempts. It’s quite a dangerous area, yes.

12.With Fire and Sword had several storylines. Will Carribean also have this, or will it be closer to Warband with free-roaming, do what you like?

We completely switched to sandbox. Yes, four years ago we though that lack of plot really M&B and we hoped that WFAS would fix this. And, you know, we changed our mind about this. Strict storyline quests and dynamic open world don’t get on well. Bugs in WFAS story campaigns not only show that we’re a bit mentally challenged but, probably, also the engine’s inability for long story lines adaptations. We can try doing some small quests or chains of 3-4 quests though.

13.Will you actually call the game 'With Fire and Sword 2: Caribbean'? (Seeingasithasnothingtodowiththenovel)

«With Fire & Sword 2» is our working title. Mostlikelythefinaltitlewillbe«Caribbean!».

14.Will you be releasing another patch for the first WFAS? I recall you saying you are working on it.

Nobody could ever force us to promise that we’d release a patch for WFAS but we will really try to do that before «Caribbean!» release.

...La mail a cui inviare la richiesta di adesione alla Beta verra' comunicata in futuro, come e' stato detto qui:...
Imper1um said:
Of course it's e-mail, sorry :smile: We'll announce a separate one for the beta.

N.B.B.:...qui trovate l'articolo originale:...



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...SnowBird DEV "Daniil Spivakov" sta rispondendo in questi giorni agli utenti che si erano offerti come betatester, informandoli che la BETA iniziera' probabilmente il 15 di novembre:...

P.S.:...trovate la news originale in qusto post:...



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...Aperte iscrizioni al BETATESTING, qui di seguito trovate le istruzioni per partecipare:...
Caribbean! — beta preparations

We’re now starting to accept applications of players who wish to take part in the upcoming Caribbean! beta testing for the community which will probably start in early December.

In order to partake in the beta please send us your nick on the forums and a couple words about yourself over here: [email protected] This way it’ll be easier to sort everything out.

You’ll also need to register on our forums and leave a message in this thread so that we’ll be able to reach you later with instructions. You can just post there when you sent us a mail :smile:

Those who got in touch with us earlier don’t need to do it again, you’re already listed, though you’ll need to send a nickname you’re using here.

Thanks for you help in advance!

N.B.:...qui trovate la notizia sul Blog ufficiale:...



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...Imperium, Dev della Snowbird Game Studios, ha postato questo annuncio per la ricerca di uno scripter in grado di aiutare nella relizzazione del nuovo titolo WFAS2: Caribbean!:...
Imper1um said:
Hi guys, the beta should start prettysoon :smile:

Meanwhile, we are looking for a scripter!

Requirements: excellent understanding of module system. Experience in developing large mods for strategic mode is a plus.

Duties: scripting events, mechanics, dialogues and quests.

If you're interested please send over your mail at [email protected]

N.B.:...sempre nella stessa discussione ha annunciato che la Closed Beta partira' a breve e che tutti quelli che hannno provveduto alla richiesta di partecipare alla Beta verranno avvertiti sul forum della "Snowbird" tramite PM...!



Master Knight
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E' interessante, ma io con le beta ho chiuso.
Trovo frustrante provare versioni incomplete, buggate, mentre allo stesso tempo scopro cose che saprò già quando ci sarà l'uscita ufficiale, perdendo il gusto della sorpresa e del nuovo.


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Gaxleep said:
E' interessante, ma io con le beta ho chiuso.
Trovo frustrante provare versioni incomplete, buggate, mentre allo stesso tempo scopro cose che saprò già quando ci sarà l'uscita ufficiale, perdendo il gusto della sorpresa e del nuovo.
...La pensi esattamente all'opposto di me... :grin:
...io provo vlentieri le versioni beta propio per farmi un'idea del gioco prima che appaia sullo scaffale, per capirne dinamiche e gameplay in anticipo ed evitare fregature...
...dall'interno, si puo' conoscere come lavora il tem di sviluppo, quanto patchano, in che modo, se tengono conto delle indicazioni dell'utenza o se ne sbattono...

...oltre ovviamente dare una mano nell'individuazione dei bugs, che sarebbe l'obbiettivo principale dei betatester... :roll:



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Io trovo le beta utili per provare il gioco prima di andare a piazzare i dollaroni per comprarlo.