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Do you have what it takes to be a Blademaster?
This is a tournament different to others, designed to test your skill, endurance and temperament over two disciplines.
Prizes for the top four duelists!

Head Admin: Osiris
Admins: TBA? (volunteers, you??)

Tournament details:

Blademaster 2 will start on May 12th
The Tournament will be run as a double elimination tournament.
The Brackets will be randomised.
The Tournament run time will be dependent on number of sign ups and will be announced after sign ups close. Hopefully a month or two maximum
All matches will involve at least two different parts.
First the players will have a first to 10 Sword and Shield duel.
The players will follow this up with a first to 10 freestyle duel (see rule set below)
Players may alternate the order of these duels only if both players agree to it, otherwise it will be as stated above.
The player with the most points after both duels is declared the victor.
If the players have an equal number of points after both ft10 fights a tiebreaker will be fought.(see details in ruleset below)
Points = rounds of a duel won

Example: Match

Player A vs Player B

first duel  A 10-8 B (sword and shield)
second duel  A 8-10 B (freestyle)

This results in a draw and tiebreaker will be used and both players shall play until one has a 2 point advantage over the other using 1h sword and no shield

The list of rules for Blademaster 2

:- Leaving in the middle of a duel is strictly forbidden unless there's a valid reason like high ping.
:- There is to be no flaming or insulting your opponent, evidence of this will result in disqualification.
:- If you fail to contact your opponent, you should contact one of the admins for them to look into the case. And if they fail to contact/find an agreement with this person as well, a default win will be given to you.
:- All duels will be fought as a first to 10. any server maybe used if both parties agree to it, if unable to agree the default server shall be The Ludus. (note you need to supply a good reason for not agreeing ie high ping)
:- What I say is final, You follow the spirit of the rules and not try to abuse any loopholes,
:- Disqualification will occur at the admin teams discretion if you are found to be abusing a loophole in the rules. If unsure ask an admin first.
:- No autoblocker or any other kind of cheating obviously.

Duel specific rules:

For the First Duel: (1h/shield)

:- Only 1h swords Cleavers and Axes and shields are allowed.
:- All factions are allowed.
:- You can only play as infantry, playing as archer or cavalry is not allowed.
:- Starting money is 1000, upgrading is not allowed.
:- You are allowed to purchase any armour for the gold you have left after buying a sword\cleaver and shield.
:- You are not allowed to loot your opponents weapons or any other weapons from the ground.
:- You can not swap factions during the middle of the duel
:- You are to either present a screenshot or confirmation from both sides as proof of your victory.
:- Leaving in the middle of a duel is strictly forbidden unless there's a valid reason like high ping.
:- You are allowed to switch weapons in mid round and during rounds. But the no looting rule sticks.

:- You are allowed to change factions between the first and second duels if you wish.

For the Second Duel: (freestyle)

:- You may use any weapon you want with the following exceptions (horses, ranged, shields and knockdown and Crushthrough weapons)
:- You must use default armour.
:- You cannot swap factions during the middle of the duel.
:- You are to either present a screenshot or confirmation from both sides as proof of your victory.
:- Leaving in the middle of a duel is strictly forbidden unless there's a valid reason like high ping.


:- The Tiebreaker shall be fought using one hand swords/cleavers/axes and default armour only.
:- The first player to gain a two point advantage wins. (think tennis)
:- Any faction and class may be used.
:- No Horses allowed.

Sign up rules:
:- You have to provide your steam contact when applying for this tournament.
:- You can not let someone else play as you when you have to fight (If we get a complaint, there will be ID checks).
:- You may only sign up once and please use your recognised in-game name not something like cooldoolkid382 when you are known as say Remputin

Losers bracket and default duel times

The default day for a duel will be Sunday if you can not agree to a duel time.
The losers bracket will be different this time round. The lower bracket will have event days and ill explain what that is here ^^

Every Saturday the losers bracket will duel on mass until the bracket is caught up to the main bracket.  So you may have to turn up and duel twice, This can take place at any time if agreed with your opponents but the default time to start will be 6pm UK time, if you do not turn up you will lose by default (time can be debated before start of tournament)


Deadline for Round 1 : 19th May
Deadline for Round 2:  26th May
Deadline for Round 3 is 2nd June. (lower bracket round 2 as well)
Deadline for upper bracket round 4 is Sunday 9th
Time for the Lower bracket catch up events.
Round 3 has until Saturday 8th 1pm UK time to complete its duels. If you don't complete and don't speak to me and post here and you defaulted the last round without speaking to me then you instantly lose Round 3 and 4 (if two of you are in same bracket)
Deadline for round 4 of lower bracket is Monday 10th
Deadline for round 5 upper and lower is Sunday 16th
Top bracket is already a week ahead so there is no deadline yet for the semi final.
Lower Bracket Round 6 AND 7 is to be completed by end of Monday 24th.
Semi Final deadline is 3rd July
Lower Bracker round 8 deadline is 3rd July.


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I usually don't partake in duel tournament but you got my sign-up just by getting Ian Beattie to do that intro.  :party:


Grandmaster Knight
Unbelievable intro haha, good to see the tournament happening

about the stuff u wanted opinion about:

1) If you include a prize, either moss or force them to record their rounds.
2) Yes, but with a prize you should consider a double bracket system with strict deadlines(no extensions) and seeding ofc.
3) If there's a prize, no. Seed + Double bracket seems the way to give more chances to everyone and it should be the only way to come back to winner's bracket. If you don't have a prize for the tournament you could implement this.
4) Double bracket is usually set in game tournaments to avoid bad match ups and keep it as balanced and safe for everyone, so that they don't get unfairly dropped early but at least the chance to prove they deserve to reach their max potential on the tournament, if you wouldn't run a double bracket system from start, making it on last top 20 could be a choice but BO3s would serve better that purpose.


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How da fk did you get  Ser Meryn **** Trant to say all of that haha.

Ill be there for sure now.


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is there an age restriction? Im a bit worried, im not 18 and ive heard bad things about Meryn Trant and childs
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