Resolved [Beta 1.2.0] Nogand looks too old for his age

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Summary: My brother looks like 60 years old man, but he is actually 27. For his age it looks like that he is having 3 packs of cigs and 2 bottles of whiskey per day. This doesn't look right
How to Reproduce: idk, start a new campaign and look at your brother
Quest/Settlement Name (if related): -
Media (Screenshots & Video):
Version: beta 1.2.0
Installed community-made modifications: nothing
Computer Specs
OS: Win 10
GPU: Rx 580
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
RAM: 16gb 3200mhz
Motherboard: Asus b350-f
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): HDD for games
Hello, thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, we were not able to respond to this topic when this topic first created.
We believe that this issue might have been fixed since the creation of this topic. If you are still experiencing this issue on the latest live or beta versions of the game at the moment please leave a reply to this topic so that we can forward this issue to the team for investigation.
Hi, I will mark the issue as resolved. If you encounter the same one in the latest version, please let me know. Thanks!
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