Best fief distribution among your vassals

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Currently own almost half Calradia: sturgia, northern empire. southern empire, kuzait land, aserai land and western empire up to Jalmarys (missing Zeonica, Lageta and Ortysia).
Its the first time I get this far in late game and was wondering: what is (if any) the correct fief-vassal ratio? I currently have something around 12 clans in my empire. They all have multiple fiefs, at least a couple of cities and castles each. Considering that each faction at the start of the game has 6 to 10 clans, I'm starting to worry I have messed up the number of vassals recruited (not enough) and I'm afraid its going to get tedious/slow to proceed in Battania and Vlandia (if I ever make it!)
Any thoughts on this?
Thank you all :smile:
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