Battle Spawn Points

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This topic has already been treated but this is definitively a high priority ISSUE and has to be fixed.

You can loose battles that you should win.

When the ennemy retreats on the battlefield, the spawn point should also be moved back, and the one of the attackers moved forward.

The treachery (actually it is one :smile: ) is so hudge that one could ask himself if that has ever been tested?

I play Battania and fight Sturgians, around 800 vs 800 (so start with saving the game, in case, lol)
We take advantage.

Once at range I put the Oath + wielders in shield wall with my allies melee troops
Deploy the archers on a height (good luck that there is this height :wink:
So happy :wink:
I lead my falxman on a flanck to take the remaining sturgians.down.

Suddenly I see my Oath + wildling disappear and also my falxmen.

Ah !!! the S*** F*** , these are the Holy reinforcements who are spawning, thoughtlessly, stupidely, killing the game - and my men... lol
That's not fun to have these excellent Heavy Axemen spawning into my guys ! :wink:
And suddenly the battle course is inversed.

So excuse me, but such an issue is even not professional from the devs.
Ok I hate to lose, but when I deserve it, I accept it.
When suddenly the battle field replenishes ennemy forces among mines, this scenario has never been tested or what?
The quality manager, if there is one, or gameplay director, or whatever should either be replaced or give some interest in what he is responsible for.
That's absolutely frustrating, as you can read :wink:
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