Battle loot nerf

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Knight at Arms
I want to propose changes in battle loot.
1. Only weapon and armors on T5 and above should be included in loot
2. All weapons and armors below T5 that contain iron should be transformed into iron ore. The ratio should be half of the iron ore used to produce the weapon with round down. This will partially simulate the reality when iron was always gathered since it was needed.
3. Every defeated unit should be transformed into small amount of jewelry (simulating taking jewelry from the dead). The ratio could be 50 units to one jewelry piece with round down.
4. There should be no cloth items in loot
5. Horses should show up in loot at current rate.
6. Beside above only food, money and resources that were in enemy inventory should show up as loot.


Loot shouldn't be nerfed per say, the dam prices should be nerfed. Arms and armor should be a readily option if it pops up as loot. But farming bandits for war loot items to sell is what needs to be nerfed.

I think post battle gold should be buffed. After killing a party or a small warband. We'd then go thru their supplies and spoils and reap them for our own gains. That's what real war loot should be.


I like this idea, reducing things to groups rather than having to sort through all that trash in your inventory. But maybe the game could also tell you which units the loot was from.

Rather than iron ore I think it would be nice to see it as "Scrap Iron" for immersion reasons, it could have the same value and effect economically and for smithing. Perhaps scrap bronze as well. Possibly different tiers for the different units, looters or peasants might produce "copper coins" mid tier units "hack silver" and top tier "gold" or jewels. Maybe even refer to it as talents of gold, silver or bronze. Maybe these could be minted into coinage in a city.

Cavalry units could produce hides and possibly meat as well.
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