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Get out of the way, here comes Battal Gazi!

Battal Gazi 2.2 :

2 New Walkthroughs

New Game Play

New Events
-Battle will continue even you fall.
-Enlistment system like Freelancer Mod(Only for improved game type).
-Rule your own kingdom by el_infante(Only for improved game type).
-You don't have to go to your lands to collect taxes.
-Water travel. Pirates!

New Unique Events
-Prisoners of enemy may join you.
-New captivity system. Time to run between enemy!

Click Based Game in Game - Hand Wrestling

New Improved Game Type - 2 Mods in 1 Mod
-You don't have to be Battal Gazi. We have new improved WFaS game type. But this is alpha.

New Characters

New Parties

New Skills

New Animations

New Items

New Interface

New Music

Repaired Vanilla WFaS Walkthroughs and Some Other Codes(Only for improved game type)

Less OSP, much more...​

Mound and Gladius
Smooth Death Cam


-New Animations from hacbachvothuong
-Furkan - takla atarak uçma animasyonu
-The Reckoning
-Dedal Tavern Anims*(kısmen saz ve oturma ve 1-2 animasyonu)
-Al Mansur Helmets
-Barf Skeletons
-Classical Italian and Roman items
-Crouch Stance and Walking by dunde
-viking armor and helmet by dejawolf
-Lord of The Golden Fan
-Yiyayng Chen Faces
-Ppak items
-fire arrow kit items
-Lucas OSP
-Pino Armor Pack
-OSP Shurikens
-Steam Punk
-TDL for some sounds
-Lifeless OSP

-Rejenorst Media

-WFAS Enhancement Mod
-WFAS Enhanced Unofficial Mod
-Enlistment Mod
-Bodyguard codes of Caba'drin
-After Death Cam Codes - Mouse-controlled, after-death, free-roaming camera
-Dusk Voyager - Anti Character Import
-Sea Battles- Ruthven and Porshy


Get out of the way, here comes Battal Gazi!

Now we have 7 new factions, totally 12 factions!
New factions:

  Ottoman Empire: 4 troop classes, powerful and balanced
    Habsburg Monarchy: Powerful armor and excellent horsemen with rifle
    Republic of Venice: Powerful and balanced
    Safavid Dynasty of Persia: Excellent horsemen and infantry
    The Jelalies: They have the best musket and the bombs
    Malatya Beyligi: Special faction. "Be Battal Gazi!"
    The Byzantians: Special faction. "Call your soldiers!"

About 180 mostly new multiplayerized items. Swords, armors, spears etc.

Will be detailed.


    We have a potion for Byzantians and Malatya: Potion gives you full health or make your health %1. Don't trust!
    Byzantians has commander abilities: Call your men in the battle and control them. For example push f1 after f2 for follow you.
    More realistic grenades: Sometimes don't explode. One more speciality. Surprise now. :grin:
    Healt boxes: Archer's code. Ask for details or you will inform when you play with it.
    New hairstyles: Jaymosuke's material.
    Some special items
    New maps(not so much) and 20 free map slots
    60+new banners include some Wfas clan banners

Download link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/battal-gazi-kursun-ve-ok/downloads/battal-gazi-kursun-ve-ok

1.1 Patch:

And more...






Al Mansur - Medieval Bombard
Lucas's OSP weapons
Slawomir of Aaarrghh(Diğer adıyla Daedalus) - Tavern Animation Pack
Shcherbyna - [MB Warband Japan OSP] Human Animations
Njunja - Eastern armor OSP
Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets Pack (OSP)
Rathos OSP
WEe's Helmets/Shields/Weapons (Yarr)
Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack
Narf'ın açık kaynak çalışmaları
Classical Italian/Roman items

Thank you all! :smile:

Known Bugs of Version 1.0:
New speciality of bombs makes bug. ------------ Fixed and tested on dedicated server. One more test I think.
There is no left hand of new chain gloves. ----------------- Fixed.
One new face looks white from far ----------------- Fixed but not tested on dedicated server.
Though i like this mod i got to say that I only play WFaS in SP mode ^^

(there are kinda fewer people playing MP nowadays too, as most moved on to NW)

We have a module system to make something better than NW (difficult of course  ^^ )

I projected this mod firstly as sp. I wanted to gain time for story of sp. So I released mp mod first. But I loved mp modding too and people says that "awsome". :smile:
I'm so happy to serve M&B WFaS and who plays. :smile:
We WFaS!

1.1 is coming!
(%99 Thursday)
Tüfekçi Başı said:
Some SS's from Battal Gazi 2.0




The last one is good, best luck :wink:
Thank you very much!

New version on the way with single player!

Some new characters:





New Walkthrough or Walkthroughs
-You have a special walkthrough like Black Mace, The Deluge or False Dimitry.
-Working on existent walkthroughs which I said at the top.

New Quests
-There will be new special quests for our mod.
-Possible to edit existing quests.

New Characters
-Of course Battal Gazi=you
-New caharacters from Battal Gazi films
-Modified original "With Fire and Sword" charecters
  -Zagloba looks like Zagloba.
  -We have Skrezutski and Bogun more realistic.
  -Of course more. :smile:
-New historical characters.
-Some more original characters designed by me. :smile:

New Parties
Friend parties, enemy parties, parties who works for theirselves and parties who works for their faction.
New Skills
-You have 2 new skills. May be more.
  -These are effective.

New Animations
-Original Battal Gazi animations(near to original, may be equal) and more if I can add.

New "Special Abilitiy System"
-You can do special actions.

New System: Events
-I cannot give details. I must finish %80 or %90 this.

New Items
-New and/or upgraded armors
-New and/or upgraded weapons
-Special items

New Interface
-New interface is adapted with new system and new skills.
-New backgrounds
-New font
-New buttons
-New logo
And other surprises of course. :smile:
Mod is coming in this year.

I worked a lot on presentations and I spend much time. Finally I have this "smart menu" for villages(needs some little fixes about texts). I used game materials and 1 osp in this menu. Every buttons are original. I don't know that how much important for players but you can't see something like this in any M&B game or mod.
Single player (2.0) is coming after 2 months with 2* new big walkthroughs. 2.0 will be better than most of WB mods, may be all.

*Probably walkthroughs will continue growing in next versions.
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