Bannerlord - Thief - Stealing and Pickpocketing demo

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Bannerlord - Thief - Stealing and Pickpocketing​

Bloc's dev diary,

A simple demonstration of stealing items and pickpocketing in Bannerlord - like in Skyrim

Things to note:

- Almost every object in the town scenes is now available for "stealing". Some of them directly turn into gold upon successful stealing while some goes into your inventory like shown in video. Success rate is depending on certain factors: time of day, your roguery skills, item value/size, people around you, and their facing direction ( ie you can't steal something in front of a shopkeeper especially if item is heavy/big )

- You can pickpocket almost anyone in the scene now as well. Items that are "on" them is random but decided based on their type - meaning that if you manage to pickpocket a guard, it's likely that you can even get their sword. Unlike Skyrim, you can't strip people naked on broad daylight :smile: You can only pickpocket from behind. And if someone else is looking at you or to that person, the chance of succeeding goes lower.

- Each action increases your roguery skill depending on the difficulty of the situation. And if you fail the pickpocket/steal, you will get warning a few times but after third attempt, you will be thrown into jail.

- System is directly corporate into game's built-in crime rating. This means, each unsuccessful attempt will increase your crime rating in that faction.

- Everything was done in a few hours. So I didn't tweak every item manually, things you see as 5 gold steal value is just the default one.

I know you were expecting to see a follow-up on Space Battles.. but yeah.. :smile: This is more like the other side of the coin in the "Royalty" video. Crime and punishment.

I think this can be integrated into certain quests as well - like stealing a key to some house/place. Also a good way to train your roguery.

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Simple, elegant, seamlessly makes use of systems that are already in the game. Gives you a good reason to walk around towns, fun way to level roguery. Roleplay options.

Bloc is adding a whole beach worth of sand to the sandbox here, making it a more immersive and complete experience. Love it.


Hahaha oh man, one of the comments said Bloc is making The Bannerscrolls. That is genius, I'm unironically ready to chip in for some Bannerscrolls production here.


Man the game looks way better with all of blocs mod, wait till the game fully releases, ohhh man it's gonna be good


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I love the Popcorn wizardry... heat plus butter and a sprinkle of salt ??

Another example of how to extend the player's playable experience and make good use of hand-crafted scenes.
Nothing more to add, we all think the same here.
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