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Server Name: AUS_Commander_Battle
Status: Offline until further notice!
Server may temporary be changed temporary to other game modes or locked on certain occasions.
Problems/requests should be directed to OldPeasant via steam. (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tyrx)


No Harassment/Disrespect towards players (Mute/Kick/Temporary Ban/Permanent Ban)
  •   If you get mad at someone then a simple rude comment is fine. However, do not constantly flame other players.
  •   Do not try to verbally bully other people. It is okay for other players to not do/act the way you think they should, both in game and in their personal life.
  •   Do not intentionally ruin the game experience for players on your team
  •   Do not sexually harass players.
No Excessive Trolling (Mute/Kick/Temporary Ban)
  •   A good joke is ok, but refrain from repetitively angering others.
  •   An admin's interpretation on if the trolling is excessive or not is final.
No Excessive Voting (Kick/Permanent Ban)
  •   Please refrain from attempting unnecessary or excessive votes to change the map. (If you're too impatient to wait until the round is over to respawn I suggest leaving)
Do Not Disclose Personal Identification, Private, or Non-Public Information. (Permanent Ban)
  •   Do not disclose personal information (your own or another's) that is susceptible to identity theft, financial theft, or harassment, including (but not limited to) home addresses, phone numbers and passwords.
Do Not Impersonate Administrators (Permanent Ban)
  •   Do not change your name to an admin’s name and pretend to be them.
  •   Do not pretend to have any admin access.
  •   Do not say that because you "know" an admin you can "get" people banned.
  •   Do not threaten or claim immunity because you "know the head admin." "Trust us. We know him very well. Maybe too well..."
Misconduct can be reported to any admins via Steam private message or the forums inbuilt private message system. (preferably the former).


  • OldPeasant


Server Side Settings
Friendly Fire: Off
Bot Number: 20 per squad
Block Direction: By Mouse Movement
Switch to Bot on Death: On
Auto Team Balance Threshold: 3
Class Limits: Off

Map List
River Crossing
French Farm
French Farm Storm
Spanish Farm
Spanish Village Evening
Strangefields Storm
Random Plain Medium
Random Desert Medium
Random Snow Medium
Random Desert Medium


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