In Progress Attacking army attacks only part of the siege?

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No, I didn't use any mods.


So...I'm besieging Dunglanys with an army of about 900 and a companion army of 1300+ comes and joins me in the siege. They are quickly followed by an enemy (Battanian) army of about 1400+ and I figure, 'Go ahead. Attack our 2200+'. So they attack and 3 small enemy parties in the area join in. Kind of confused until I look at the battle line up and see only my army on our side has joined the battle.

This is stupid. I have to believe that if 2200+ troops are besieging a settlement then all 2200+ should be defending an attack on that siege. So I assume this is a bug. I'll try to send a save after 'my' battle has concluded, but of course I can't save it at the start of the battle.

Hmmmm...I was able to barter the party that actually engaged me first (not part of the army) into joining our empire (Vlandians) with a bit over 500k denars. So I avoided that battle (so far). I'll save at this point.

As a comment, I find it interesting that after a battle conversation the game isn't paused and, is on Fast speed, even though I usually run it on slow. I feel lucky that I wasn't immediately engaged in battle again and that I actually have the chance to save it.
Hey, i have forwarded the issue along with your save file for further inspection. Thank you for your time.
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