[ARCHIVED] Perisno 0.41

What is your favorite Troop From 0.41

  • Tolranian Kingsman

    Votes: 20 20.4%
  • Tolranian Horse Archer

    Votes: 3 3.1%
  • Tolranian Archer

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • Drahara Royal Guard

    Votes: 8 8.2%
  • Drahara Desert Assassin

    Votes: 20 20.4%
  • Drahara Storm Archer

    Votes: 4 4.1%
  • Hakkon Heavy Lancer

    Votes: 7 7.1%
  • Hakkon King's Spearman

    Votes: 3 3.1%
  • Hakkon Legionnaire

    Votes: 31 31.6%

  • Total voters

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Grandmaster Knight
Current Download: Version 0.41
Warband Nexus >> http://mbwarband.nexusmods.com/mods/3980//?
ModDB >>http://www.moddb.com/mods/httpwwwmoddbcommembersmichadrmods/#3972920

TBD >> 0.5

- For Video/Image updates look at the 3rd post
- Signatures are at the bottom of this post

- [Fixed] Banner Bug (Banners flickered in castle/town scenes)
- [Fixed] Native Banners showed up on world map instead of new ones
- [Fixed] Bolts and some Arrows had no mesh
- [Fixed] Knights Helm, Salet Helm, Drahara Rider's Helmet (Face did not show)
- [Fixed] Templar Horses Bug
- [Added] Missing Textures (Helmets)
- [Added] Missing Textures (Axes, Nordic Swords)
- [Added] Missing Textures (Armor)
- Gothic Armor now requires 15 strength ; Great Silver Armor now requires 14 Strength
- [Fixed] Coin Flipping dialogue was 20000 should be 2000
- [Changed] Khopesh scaled to bigger size (Was a little small)
- [Removed] Bright Horses Bug
- Darkforest Ranger Bow now requires 7 draw skill, damage lowered a little
- Elf Blades Optimized, Two handed all the time, cannot use with shield
- [Changed] Elephants are not so rare to find, cost more
- More Horses were added
- [Fixed] Drinking Game Dialogue
- Troop Balancing (Ongoing) ; Tolranian Kingsman now always spawns with gloves
- [Fixed] Throwing Scimitar was held weird when used as a melee weapon
- [Added] More female Hairstyles
- [Added] The Hakkon Empire troop tree (3/6 complete)

- More Horses
- New Map
- More Armor
- More Weapons
- [Spelling] Speer to Spear
- Dynamic Troop Trees
- Blood enhancement tweak 0.5
- Added Another Elephant Model
- [Changed] Game Font
- [Fixed] Weapon Damage Bug
- Added Flipping coins with tavernkeepers
- Added Custom Party Name
- Added Drinking Game
- Added Trade Goods Modification
- Player Created Forts
- Exapanded Horizens
- Texture Upgrade
- New Castle Scenes for a few castles
- [Changed] Grammar/Spacing Tutorial Dioluges
- [Added] Attack Manhunters/ More Prisoners sell options
- [Fixed] Missing Textures
- Added Sounds/Textures/Enhancements from Cinematic Compilation
- 2 New Troop Trees! (2/6) Drahara and Tolranina

- New Sounds
- More Weapons
- New map icons
- Skills decreasing overtime a long period of time eliminated
- New Crosshair (red)
- Elephants
- Changed Menus Graphics
- More Horses
- Diplomacy 4.3
- New Banners

- New Warhorses
- New Music
- Camels
- Brass Armor
- New Armor
- Diplomacy 4.2
- New Weapons


Map Overview: (Note this is subject to change)

Credits: (Read-me File will be included in download)

Mods/Parts of Mods:
Waihti Diplomacy
soulmata (Native Expansion) http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?board=109.0
DOMA_ (Cinematic Compilation) http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,199149.0.html

Dunde (Dynamic Troop Trees) OSP
neil_v (Blood enhancement tweak 0.5) OSP
Openshaw (Expanded Horizons 1.1) OSP
Forts (Lumos) OSP
Some Scenes from Utrehds Castle Pack OSP

The Dark Robin (coding, quests)
Windyplains (Helping me set up Dynamic troop trees, and Modmerger)
DarkGenius (Writing Lore, Creating Maccavia)

Albertus Magnus (Flipping coins with tavernkeepers) OSP
Caba`drin (Custom Player Party Name) (Village Raids & Sieges-Allow Player Party Actions) OSP
FantasyWarrior (Drinking Game) OSP
Lav (Trade Goods Mod) OSP
Glabrezu (Manhunter: attack or sell/ Selling at taverns Code) OSP
rubik (view items in-game) (Gambling System) OSP
Zephilinox & MadVader (New & Improved Deathcam)
Motomataru  (Improved AI)

Cowgirlka (Music) OSP
Checkmaty (Sounds) ; rejenorst (some voices) OSP

Wanderer949 and Njunja (Plated Chargers) OSP
Lucas_the_Benevolent (Items Packs) OSP
Xenoargh (original camel mesh) OSP
Njunja (eastern_1.5) OSP
Akosmo (Warhorses; armors; bows) OSP
Narf (Rus_armour_pack) OSP
zagibu (heraldic armors) OSP
shutbruck (new crosshair) OSP
Alex Dragon 's ROTK Team; William Berne's OSP elephant based model (Elephant)
Rigadoon, Barabas, Deras (Gray Elephant Model) OSP
Havoc (Havoc Bows) OSP
Nema (Guardians party items) Special Permission
Andragorn (Swords) OSP
Baraban (Armor) OSP
Runico (Itmes) OSP
Bloc (Northerner Horses) OSP
Narf (Plate Armour Pack) OSP
Subotai (Female Mini-Mod Armor) OSP
Addonay (Elve Items) OSP
yamabusi (Highlander Items) OSP
igorbb (Items) OSP
Nertea (scale texture) OSP
Pino (Armors Pack - Volume 2) OSP
dejawolf (medievalhelmets) & (Viking Armor) OSP
rathos (Helmets Pack) OSP
Kovas (Teutonic and Lithuanian items) OSP
wei_xiadi (Items) OSP
youhou (Items)
ThrottleKitty (TESNexus) – Models Ren (TESNexus) – Models RoseSim – Models Jaymosuke- Uvmapping the models and making import versions (Hair-pack) OSP
Triple Ballista (oolonglgx, The Tripartition) Special Permission
docm30 (lotrweapons)OSP

Official Perisno Artwork by Robbie McSweeney
Speicial Thanks to the following for Artwork:
Please Note this artwork is used under permission, do not use without getting a go ahead from original author, *The official art of this mod is solely for this project*
- Robbie McSweeney >> http://robbiemcsweeneyart.blogspot.co.uk/
- Jordy Lakiere For letting me use his doodles as menu art >> https://www.facebook.com/JordyLakiereArt/photos_stream
- Mads Peitersen >> http://madspeitersen.deviantart.com/
- Michelle Tolo >> http://manweri.deviantart.com/
- Xu Peng >> http://mingrutu.deviantart.com/

Features: Look Here For Detailed Features
> Diplomacy 4.3
> New Music
> Better Sounds
> New Horses
> Better Landscapes/Field Of View
> New Crosshair
> Camels
> Elephants
> New/ More Items (currently: over 960+)
> New Banners
> New Map
> New Graphics (Menus)
> Dynamic Troop Trees
> New Troops (4/7 factions complete)
> Tavern Additions
> Forts
> New Factions
> More/New Quests
> Household Troops
> Color Coded Messages

[size=14pt] Planned Features:

> Enhanced Tournaments
> Knights or High Tier Troops
> Sea Battles
> New Skins
> Bandit Troop Tree
> Freelancer Mod
> Bank
> Player Faction
> New Map AI
> A 7th faction

Perisno Overview
Perisno Overview:
(Revised Intro)
(Year 365) The land of Perisno is at war, with 7 factions fighting for control. There is hardly ever peace, and every faction has their own goals for conquest. Can you build a empire and claim this land for your own? Can you rule Perisno with your might?
Factions in Perisno at the moment:
Redwoods Elves (year 321)
Perisno (year unknown) (Player kingdom, not established yet)
Hakkon Empire (year 330)
Tolrania (year 342)
Maccavia (year 346)
Drahara (year 359)
Reich des Drache (year 363)
Unknown seventh faction
Minor Factions
-Volheere Raiders
-More to be announced
  The first settlers of Perisno were the Redwood Elves (In the year 321). They settled in the woodlands of Perisno and quickly beat the other inhabitants into submission through military might and power. There is very little known about the Redwood Elves and where they got their name. Natives and outsiders soon learned that the Elves were a force to be reckoned with. If you faced them in battle, you had to fight or die, because the Redwoods caught all deserters and executed them brutally.
The year 323 brought something new for Perisno: people seeking a new home. The Tolranians ran from the oppression of Hakkon. Hakkon is an island nation far to the east of Perisno and its leader is King Comrey I, who was a vile and indolent man. He taxed his people excessively and held lavish feasts daily. Life was hell for the peasants and minor nobles. One day, a group of peasants took a risk. During one of King Comrey's feasts they commandeered a ship and sailed away. They did not know where they were going but they knew that maybe, just maybe a new life was out there for them. In the following week, three more ships were taken by the peasants who now called themselves Tolranians to sail into the lands beyond the great sea. These peasants arrived in Perisno and settled down in small villages scattered throughout the East coast. After five years these peasants had inhabited the eastern, central, and the northern lands of Perisno. They became a Monarchy
called the Kingdom of Tolrania.

  The year 330 brought a shiver down the spines of the Tolranians.  A fleet of ships had landed on the eastern shores and these ships were filled with nobles and soldiers from the Hakkon Empire. Nobles and kngihts alike came to this great vast land seeking a home. Back home,mKing Comrey was going mad and his loyal knights had turned Hakkon into ruin and bloodshed. No longer could it show off its proud cities and illustrious ports. The tyrant had the kingdom under his grasp and it was getting harder and harder to make it through the day without fear. The new Hakkons considered the Tolranians traitors and hostilities from the two nations began. A few hundred Tolranians joined the newcomers and  by the year 340, they declared themselves a sovereign nation and were known as the Hakkon Empire.

  The Hakkon Empire was prospering and were enjoying the riches that the land of Perisno had to offer. But the year 342 once again brought more adventure seekers. This time it was a group of people from Nisaynia, who landed on Western coasts. They rapidly moved inward when the constant threats of the Volheere raiders became to much for the newly settled villages. The year 344 brought the biggest blow to Tolrania's short history. From a small beginning to  an unforseen rise, the Maccavians began clamining more and more land. The Maccavians have always been in Perisno (Though they weren’t really noticed by anyone for a long time), inventing, creating things, raiding, innovating. They were a rather strange group, who then expanded into a tribe, and then quickly become a village. Then, they became a prosperous city and soon a wealthy kingdom of various cultures mixed together. Their society was always split - there were many differences and beliefs in their kingdom that led to several civil wars that grew meaningless and useless for both sides.  When all those doubts were ended, the Maccavian Kingdom grew, and was set to become a major faction. Maccavians are very talented with metal and  many of their crafts come from metal. Metal has many purposes in the Maccavia Kingdom, and it is said that the Maccavian army was the strongest yet in Perisno. Their army uses heavy armor and almost every soldier wears heavy armor as if it were their own skin.  Maccavians could also be called the  iron men and iron women, and ironeers. Their main trade is the export of raw metal materials and crafts, horse armor, infantry weapons, silverworks and others. However, with all their power, even the Maccavians stayed away from the Redwood Elves.

  More migrations happened. In the year 359 the Drahara Tribes who had lived in the deserts of Perisno banded together and declared themselves a nation. Then in the year 363 mysterious ships once again landed on the shores of Perisno. Nobody knows where they came from and nobody knew anything about them. Some inhabitants spread the word that they had spotted dragons in the skies over the ships. Thousands of armored knights and soldiers marched off.  For days people had emptied off of over thirty ships. Then they marched for days and stopped.  Pretty soon spies from other nations brought back information that these new outlanders had rapidly built fortifications and villages. In under a year they had grown to a alarming size. People were afraid to confront this mysterious nation, believing the stories of the dragons even though there were no confirmations or sightings after they had apparently been first spotted at their landing site.
(Year 365) Tolrania was tired of fighting a seemingly fruitless war with the elves and called for a truce. The Hakkon Empire was thriving, as were the Maccavians.. The Reich des Drache was a major world power, and the Tribes of Drahara had build a kingdom in the desert.  Perisno became inhabited by six kingdoms and various minor factions, which meant one thing: WAR! 
  A ship sets sail with a silhouette showing at the head of the ship looking into the sunset...

Please visit for complete overview, troop trees, and expanded lore

faction overview:
Kingdom Of Tolrania
Troop Overview:
These troops are well balanced, with good infantry and deadly bowman. The Tolranians have only one mounted troop thus relying on their High-Tier class for Calvary.

Troop Tree:

Hakkon Empire
The Hakkon Empire was founded in the year 330. Most are decedents from the Old Hakkon Empire beyond the sea.
Solid troops all around. Crossbowman, Spearman, Footman, And Cavalry, they unitize them all.

Troop Tree:

Drahara was founded in 359, uniting the desert tribes of Perisno into one nation.
Troop Overview:
Royal Guards: A pure and simple Cavalry, (However that is their strength,) heavy enough to withstand a spear line but light enough to chase down cavalry. The Desert Assassins: Shock infantry that could do extreme damage to the enemy but need to be supplemented with cavalry and/or archers. Storm Archers: Heavy enough to survive in the melee, these guys should hold their fire until the enemy gets within a certain range then pound them with volley fire. You should send the RG to take care of enemy cavalry and range units while the archers pound their infantry. Whilst their distraction causes the Desert Assassins to get a clear path into their lines.

Troop Tree:


Troop Overview:
Maccavian army is split in division, the sword division is the one the swordsmen and swordmaster are based on, swordsmen use Throwable knives and longswords, Swordsmaster use two-handed swords and throwable knives and have more skills and better armor while swordsmen still have a good armor but have shields.
Crossbowmen/Marksmen division uses throwable axes and crossbows, no bows nor longbows. Marksmen are elite crossbowmens and have better armor as a status of their elite.
Spear Division uses throwable spears and use pikes, Halberdier are elite spearmen, they use halberdiers obviously, and has throwable spears and better armor, these elite armors have Heraldic tabards that represents the Noble they serve.
Troop Tree:

The Redwood Nation
The Perisno Elves. The best archers in Perisno, as-well as the fastest horses. The Most powerful faction.
Troop Tree:

Reich des Drache
The Newest faction to Perisno, and also the one that is least known about.
Heavy Calvary and lancers, possibly the best cavalry in Perisno

Troop Tree:

Kingdom Of Aruolo


Troop Tree:

By Nikihak >>

By Michadr >>

[url=http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,239168.0.html] [url]
By Zephilinox >>


Grandmaster Knight
Tolrania Vs. Drahara (New sounds, troops, textures)  7-18-13

Desert Battle Vs. Bandits (Drahara Troops)  7-18-13

The Axe-Bow concept  7-20-13

Drahara Elephant Rider

Work In Progress


Grandmaster Knight
Applicable to Perishow for Warband 1.143

Current Progress:

-Added Elve Bows, And Swords
-Added Some horses
-Trying to figure out how to create a new single player map :sad:  NO LUCK so far...

as u can see not to much but i am still getting the hang of this.


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crodio said:

how does the fractal terrains work?


Grandmaster Knight
Applicable to Perishow for Warband 1.143


-started importing new male faces (dont know if i want to keep these ill see)
-moddling with wings 3d (65% on a shield) ahhhhh!!!!
-ideas on the map (starting as soon as i can get it strait)
-army formations (working on formations, nothing in stone yet)

-will post new screenies soon :smile:


I would like to help,but my only modding knowledge for know is using Wing3d,altough I can create model but I have 0 idea how to import textures after it with GIMP ( :sad:( ) .

Still,good luck :smile:
This tutorial (or others in the tutorial section of the forge) might help http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,109781.0.html

Nice models Michadr


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stupar9876 said:
I would like to help,but my only modding knowledge for know is using Wing3d,altough I can create model but I have 0 idea how to import textures after it with GIMP ( :sad:( ) .

Still,good luck :smile:

well i can always use new items etc.. so once you or i figure out how to import them i would be more then happy to add them. of course you'd be credited.  :smile:


Grandmaster Knight
Applicable to Perishow for Warband 1.143

-working at mapmaking
-wings 3d shield
-improved faces preview


By michadr at 2012-07-23


By michadr at 2012-07-23


By michadr at 2012-07-23
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