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Archery Guide (Fisheye)

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Archery hints and tips:

1. Hold down the mouse and the reticule will begin to shrink. If you hold it down too long, it will expand again. The optimum time to fire is when the reticule is at it's smallest point.

2. Aim slightly above your target to correct for gravity pulling your arrow downwards. The farther your target, the higher you have to aim.

3. You can press shift to zoom in and aim more accurately. Your reticle shifts very slightly when this happens.

4. Archery proficiency of at least 150 is needed for a completely tight reticle when standing still. River pirates are good target practice for this.

5. You can't shoot to your right when on a horse. You can only shoot forward, to the left, and directly behind you.

6. The Horse Archery skill is not needed to get good accuracy when your horse is standing still: press ctrl-R to stop your horse.

7. You need at least 4-5 Horse Archery before seeing a big difference in accuracy from a moving horse. At least 6 is needed for accurate shooting when your horse is galloping.

8. Crossbows give you perfect accuracy without needing skills or proficiencies, but are slower to reload and the more powerful ones cannot be used from horseback. Only the hunting crossbow and the light crossbow can be used from horseback.

9. Head shots give double damage.

10. Shoot at the legs if your opponents are defending themselves with small (round) shields.
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